5 Uses Of Emu Oil

5 Uses Of Emu Oil

Australian’s have been using emu petroleum for centuries to treat various health and skin issues. The petroleum is extracted from the emu (resembles the ostrich). You can use emu petroleum in a variety of ways from increasing mobility to treating dandruff. The following are the top five uses and benefits of emu oil.

  1. Strong Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Inflammation refers to the response of the body towards an infection or injury. Between environmental toxins and poor diet, many people  struggle with chronic inflammation.  This can lead to serious health problems.

A study has shown that when applied on the skin , emu oil extract can act as an efficient anti-inflammatory in rats. Numerous veterinarians love to use emu oil to heal stitched wounds. The same is true as it labors efficiently in human as well.

If you are constantly dealing with chronic redness or have been injured, consider using emu oil to help prevent future cell damage and shorten the recovery time after injury and surgery.

  1. Aid With Arthritis& Joint pain

If you suffer from arthritis and seam anguish, you can find succor with emu petroleum. Only apply it topically. Due to its anti-inflammatory characteristics, it helps reduce swelling that shortens inconvenience and anguish of illness and injury. If you combine it with Turmeric you can help maximize the anti-inflammatory the advantage of emu oil. One study’s finds  that emu oil increased the anti-inflammatory potential of absorption by increasing bio availability.

  1. Shortening The Appearance Of Stretch Marks& Scars

Most people have a few scars and find them embarrassing. If you would like to reduce the visual characteristics of unsightly elongated  scars, emu oil might just be the solution.  Revealing information states  that if you apply it early enough in the wound healing process, you shorten the risk of scarring by a great amount of time.

The anti-inflammatory belongings and essential fatty acids present in the emu oil are the responsible for reducing the appearing of scars and stretch marks.

Emu oil is trans-dermal meaning that it has the power to be received through the skin tissue. Apply emu oil several times a day for best available results.

5 Uses Of Emu Oil

  1. Skin Moisturizing That Reduces Aging

You should invest in a good moisturizer if you would like to keep your skin looking its best. Currently, you face an onslaught of pollutants and other environmental parts that rob surface of the natural oils. Dry skin leads to formation of wrinkles along with other skin problems.

Emu oil will moisturize your skin without damaging or restricting your pores. It is for this reason that acne sufferers and those with sensitive skin love using it.

If you would like your skin to maintain its youthful and sunny glow then you will need to keep it properly hydrated, apply the emu oil often to your skin.

  1. Treating Dandruff& Promoting Hair Health and Growth

Everybody combats with dandruff at one point or the other in their lives. If left untreated, dandruff can result in the struggle for new growth. If you struggle with dandruff and other scalp problems, emu oil can help to restore the scalp’s natural health. If you are looking for an effective way to promote new follicles, you may choose emu oil to help.

In most instances, a dry scalp is the number one reason for dandruff. The hydrating effects of  emu oil are used to help moisturize the scalp thereby reducing dandruff flake storms. If you are struggling with a scaly scalp, consider adding emu oil to your dandruff shampoo.

Now that you have discovered how important it is, you are able to now start to use it to enjoy these benefits.

5 Uses Of Emu Oil