8 Ways to Get Your Most Hydrated Skin Ever

8 Ways to Get Your Most Hydrated Skin Ever

8 Ways to Get Your Most Hydrated Skin Ever

  • Use water boosting Skincare Products
  • Eat Water-Rich Food
  • Double your daily treatments
  • Am Re-energizer Cream
  • Use deeper cleaning methods like sonic frequency machines
  • Exfoliate Regularly
  • Refresh With Daily Lotion
  • Drink water like your paid to do it
  • Use hydrating Eye and Neck Decollete Creams
  • At Night a Night Rejuvenator will help end the day

What about Age Spots?

What Do Apples And Age Spots Have In Common?

Apples and age spots are both types of oxidation.  It is the same type of oxidation as the rust that appears on your metal lawn furniture. What causes oxidation is unbalanced oxygen molecules that are trying to seek balance through joining with a different substance, similar to a romantic breakup when both individuals are on the rebound and looking for a new soul mate.

However, unlike a lonely individual searching for the ideal love, an unbalanced oxygen atom (called a “free radical”) is not all that selective and will bind with anything attracted to oxygen. That is real chemistry and not merely infatuation.  It causes dangerous changes in whatever it binds with, particular inside our bodies.

Whenever that occurs, healthy cells get transformed into sick ones, and even DNA can be disrupted and cause cancer.  Free radical damage can be seen on our skin when the UV rays of the sun cause wrinkles, premature aging and age spots.  So maybe we are simply oxidizing and not really aging after all!

Our bodies need to have oxygen and we are surrounded by it.  So there really is no escape from it.  The production of free radicals is a by-product of oxygen’s metabolism, including from exercise and breathing.  They are also part of our environment and in things like tobacco smoke, alcohol, fried foods, pesticides, drugs, radiation and pollution.

So are we just simply fighting a losing battle when it comes to free radicals?  No, not at all!  There is a secret weapon.  It is antioxidants.  They bind with free radicals and render them harmless, preventing oxidation from taking place.  You can see evidence of this when lemon juice is used for keeping an apple fresh.  Also, our bodies have the ability to produce antioxidants from the foods that we consume, but as we age it start to lose the ability.

That is why you should eat foods that have high amounts of antioxidants, take antioxidants supplements, and also use skin care products that contain antioxidants in them so that your skin continues to look bright.