A Guide to CBD Isolate

A Guide to CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is 99% pure, and it is the strongest CBD product that is currently to be found on the open market. When it is in its crystalline form, it is not only pure; it is a fine white powder that contains the CBD compound without any extra additives.

Unlike other products, CBD isolate is not synthetic. It is a product that is all natural because it is taken directly from the hemp plant and refined until it is of the utmost purity. The CBD hemp oil that is found in some Hempgenix’s product is Hempgenix CBD Isolate. It takes things a step further by removing all of the plant material oils, chlorophyll, waxes and other items that would otherwise taint the mixture. What you have left is a pure form of CBD isolate. You can then take this isolate internally as described below.

How Do You Make CBD Isolate?

CBD Isolate is made similarly to Hempgenix FSO oil hemp oils. It is taken from a non-GMO plant with the use of supercritical CO2. The FDA considers this process to be safe. After the extraction takes place, you have a botanical concentrate that includes fatty acids, cannabinoids and additional plant materials that come directly from the hemp plant.

After this process takes place, the CBD oil is further purified by filtering out plant materials, waxes, and other impurities. The end product is a pure isolate powder that is considered to be practically pure CBD. Something else that is interesting is the fact that it is free of THC so all customers can use it safely.

Another way to produce CBD isolate is considered to be more natural and medicinal. It is through a process that is known as ethanol extraction. CO2 extraction is used by many in the industry because it is considered to be both cleaner and safer. Third-party testing, however, shows that it may not be the only option. To produce quality CBD isolate powder that is up to 99.9% pure, it will need to pass a third-party CofA test to be considered 100% safe.

One of the interesting and beneficial things about producing CBD isolate powder is the fact that the terpenes are included naturally inside of the product. The reliability of CBD isolate is further verified through lab testing through labs that are ISO/IEC accredited. The oil can be carefully examined under those conditions because they test it to ensure that it has the proper concentrations of cannabinoids without the presence of mildew, mold, toxins, and fungus. Also, it checks for the presence of other issues such as residual solvents and heavy metals. Those contaminants can cause problems.

CBD Isolate 99% Powder
CBD Isolate 99% Powder

How Do You Use CBD Isolate?

When the CBD oil is properly purified, it does not contain any significant levels of dense plant material or THC. This makes the product perfect for formulation and use. The end product does not have any smell or taste, so it can be inserted into many different types of products without affecting their use. If you are creating your oil that is infused with CBD, you need to calculate carefully to ensure the potency of each serving. CBD isolate is over 99% pure, so the active CBD is quite high.

You Can Take CBD Sublingually

Many of the hemp oil products available from Hempgenixcan be taken orally. The best way for them to be taken is sublingual, meaning that you hold them under your tongue and they enter the bloodstream. The CBD oil is held under the tongue for up to 90 seconds and it produces a much more efficient way to take the product than swallowing it. When you swallow the product, it must be metabolized in the liver before it moves on to the metabolism. Using the product sublingually is a straightforward way to experience the effects.

You Can Make Your Own CBD Infused oils

You may find that it is to your liking to create your own edibles with CBD oil. Any of the Hempgenix oils or liquids can easily be included in beverages and foods but none are as easily consumed as CBD isolate. This is due to the fact that it doesn’t have an odor or taste and it is easily soluble. That makes it as easy to use as avocado or coconut oil. You can add it to any liquid that is CBD oil infused with Hempgenix CBD isolate.

Some of the foods that are regularly used for this purpose include cookies and brownies but any recipe that utilizes an oil can make use of CBD oil. It can even be folded into ice cream or included in your morning cup of coffee. If you are going to heat the CBD oil, be sure to keep it below its boiling point of 320-356°F. When it is heated to a higher temperature, it may lose some of its potency. If you plan on cooking with CBD oil, cook at a lower temperature.

Vaping with CBD Isolate

With our new CBD isolate, it is possible to vaporize the CBD. The oil is vaporized at approximately 200°C, and you have some different options for producing this inhalable vapor. Some people use a water bubbler or a very for that purpose. It can also be dabbed to inhale the vapor. Since it does not contain any scent or taste, it could easily be added to other concentrates for vaping. When you vaporize CBD, it passes into the bloodstream easily without having to go through the digestive tract and liver. It is a very efficient method of using CBD.

Honey Suspension of CBD Isolate

Another way to use VHC CBD isolate is to suspend it in honey. It is possible to do so using a cooking technique, such as a double boiler, to add the CBD isolate to honey. You can also use agave nectar as the sweet source. After it has been dissolved into the agave or honey, it can be used in coffee, tea or over some fruit. It is a great way to start your day with some CBD infused oils.

Increase the Potencies Using Other Hempgenix CBD Products

Perhaps you have a CBD hemp oil product that you use regularly and enjoy. You can now and CBD isolate to it to improve on the potency significantly. You could easily add the oil to any number of different products, including MTC oil-based liquids, tinctures and similar items. It increases the CBD levels significantly when you do so.

When you use scales for measuring small weights, it allows you to more accurately measure out how much CBD you are getting on a daily basis. In that way, you can get the measurements down to the milligram.

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