Advantages of Liquid Filled CBD Softgel Capsules

Advantages of Liquid Filled CBD Softgel Capsules

Over the years there have been several advancements in the private label manufacturing technology. With the discovery of new illness or diseases, the Pharmaceutical companies around the world are investing heavily in using the most modern and effective technologies for manufacturing Health care products. One such major innovation that has gained immense popularity is the Liquid Filled CBD Softgel Capsules.

These CBD Softgel capsules have proven to be an effective method of drug delivery. Just like the traditional capsules, these capsules too have two pieces and they offer several benefits over the traditional soft shell capsules. The benefits are discussed below:

Production benefits

    • The process of manufacturing of these hard shell capsules is simple and it involves only a few steps.


    • It can be easily scaled up from pilot batch to commercial batches after the initial testing process.


    • Another significant benefits of these capsules is that they have a standard dimensions. This makes the packaging process easy.


  • The liquid filling of the capsules totally eliminates the risk of dust and free radicals emissions. Thus it is easy to handle and environment friendly.

Drug Formulation Benefits

    • The capsules that have liquid contain less number of excipients as compared to other Healthcare Products.


    • It is better for the users too as the liquid filling makes the absorption process easy and quick. These capsules are a better for formulations that have ingredients, which have poor water solubility.


    • There are many formulations that contain highly potent products. With powder filling there is a great risk of the capsule becoming unstable but with liquid filling the capsules become more stable and for a long time. Additionally, there is more uniformity in content filling.


    • Several formulation contain ingredients that are vulnerable to oxidation, with powder filling the capsules are susceptible to lose its nutritional value. These negate this risk totally and keep even the unstable compounds stable for long.


    • Liquid filling is best suited for making capsules that have hygroscopic compounds.


  • Liquid filling is a far better option for making capsules that have compounds with low melting points.

Sales and Marketing Benefits

    • These are far better than the traditional CBD Oil capsules from the sales and marketing perspective as these capsules have attractive coloured band sealing on the shell.


    • One of the major risks the pharmaceutical companies face is the capsules losing its stability and become unfit for consumption. But liquid filling increases the product life cycle of the capsules and also it is easy to reposition these drugs.

Advantages of Liquid Filled CBD Softgel Capsules