Are Facials Useful For Treating Acne?

Are Facials Useful For Treating Acne?

Are Facials Useful For Treating Acne?

If you’re having problems with your complexion, you’ve probably been tempted by that acne-fighting facial on your favorite salon’s service menu. Before dropping your hard-earned cash on such a service, it’s reasonable to want to settle the obvious question: Can a facial treatment help get rid of an acne problem?

Unfortunately, the answer is a little bit frustrating: It depends on. How effective an anti-acne facial is for you is going to rely on a lot of different factors, so it’s not possible to say authoritatively whether or not it’s worth your money.

For a start, you should understand that a single facial is not going to turn everything around for you acne-wise. Just like most acne-fighting techniques, facials take time – and regular re-application – to make a positive difference. That just makes it more necessary to study the subject before you make a commitment; you’re going to want to get several facials if you elect to try and treat your acne this way.

Anti-acne facials are typically scheduled on a weekly or biweekly basis. In between trips to the salon, it’s important to stick with a consistent skin care regimen that complements your facial efforts.

The skill of the esthetician doing the work is crucial, too. If fixing an acne problem is a high priority for you, make sure you collaborate with an esthetician who’s dealt with acne before.

Facials can be particularly useful on comedonal or non-inflammatory acne. (Examples include garden-variety blackheads and whiteheads.) If this is the primary sort of acne you’re struggling with, facials should prove to be extremely useful in cutting down on the number of breakouts you have to deal with.

In an anti-acne facial, your esthetician will be removing pore blockages (comedones) manually. Purging those blocked pores will result in an immediate improvement in the way your face looks and feels. Regular facial treatments, when combined with a healthy skin care regimen in between visits, can minimize the number and severity of comedonal acne breakouts you experience.

When it comes to inflammatory acne, facials alone are rarely enough to solve your problem. A salon may be the right place to get mild inflammatory acne treated, but more advanced cases should be taken to an experienced dermatologist. The good news is that any good esthetician will have the first-hand experience necessary to diagnose inflammatory acne. If your case warrants it, your esthetician should be able to point you toward a reliable dermatologist.

Facials don’t necessarily become useless if you have moderate to severe inflammatory acne. In cases like this, regular facials may form one part of a larger care routine. Your esthetician may end up working in coordination with a doctor; there are even dermatologists who have estheticians on their staff to administer treatments including facials.

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What To Expect From An Acne Treatment Facial

Your esthetician is going to start your facial with a thorough cleansing. Next will come steam baths, masks, and possibly a facial massage. Depending on her professional opinion, your esthetician will use a range of different products and techniques to remove dead skin and surface oils, soothe the skin, and add needed moisture. Estheticians will keep extractions to a minimum in areas with inflamed skin, and they will not extract deep, inflamed blemishes (e.g. cysts, nodules) under any circumstances.

Most estheticians are happy to recommend products and practices for use at home. Before your facial, make sure your esthetician knows about any medications (both oral and topical ones) you’re currently using. This minimizes the risk of unwanted reactions. Exfoliation, for example, can cause adverse results in people using Accutane or topical retinoids like Retin-A or Differin. If you’re already under the care of a dermatologist, it’s a good idea to speak to him or her before having an anti-acne facial.

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