Benefits Of CBD Oil For Epilepsy

Benefits Of CBD Oil For Epilepsy
Do you suffer from epilepsy? It is a condition that affects hundreds of thousands of people across the world. It is one of the most common neurological disorders, one that can affect people regardless of their age, and is also referred to as a seizure disorder. These have very predictable characteristics. Individuals that have this condition will go into seizures. The seizures can lead to other health issues and that’s why keeping this under control is so important to do. Here is a quick overview of how CBD oil for epilepsy might be one of the very best forms of treatment that individuals can use.
What Causes Epilepsy?
This chronic disorder which can cause unprovoked seizures. Most directly suffer from a neurological disorder. When EEG testing is done, they will look at family members that may have had this in the past. It may be transferred through DNA, from family member to family member, although this research is not conclusive. It is the human brain that is the source of the seizures, causing a disruption in normal electrical activity within the brain, causing the seizures to occur. There is some evidence that CBD oil can help those that suffer from epilepsy. Let’s now look at what CBD oil is.
What Is CBD Oil?
This is a very particular type of oil that is extracted from the marijuana plant. It is also referred to as cannabidiol or in short called CBD. It is one of the many cannabinoids that is in the cannabis plant, representing about 40% of the extracts that can come from the plant itself. It has shown great promise in addressing many medical issues. One of the reasons that it is not regarded as a Schedule I substance like marijuana is that this extract is not possessed any psychoactive properties. There is no THC in CBD oil, yet it still contains many of the medicinal qualities that marijuana possesses and that is why it is so useful. So what exactly can CBD oil treat? Here are a few of the many medical issues for which it is used today.
What Can CBD Oil Treat?
This oil can treat many different medical conditions that are often treated with pharmaceutical remedies. For example, it is known as an anti psychotic, helping people that have suffered from schizophrenia. It is used as a treatment for cancer and cancer treatment symptom relief like nausea and appetite control it is also known for contributing to prevention in the development of tumors. It is believed to inhibit cancer cell growth very quickly. For those that suffer from anxiety or stress, it has long been known to help alleviate symptoms for people that suffer from these conditions. Many groups have shown that it can significantly reduce stress, and is also used as an analgesic which is why it is often prescribed for those that have chronic pain conditions.
Does It Treat Epilepsy?
According to many studies that have been done and based on the fact that many medical doctors will prescribe this, as it has benefits for seizure disorders. For example, there is a form of epilepsy called Dravet syndrome which is one of the most severe forms of epilepsy to treat. This begins in infancy, and despite the fact that pharmaceutical treatments have not been able to effectively address this problem, CBD oil has shown great promise. In fact, pharmaceutical companies are trying to obtain FDA approval for a liquid that contains CBD oil that can be used in the treatment process. The US government has a patent on CBD oil for these purposes also.

Why Does It Work?
Part of the problem for many pharmaceutical companies that pursue FDA approval is that there is no conclusive scientific evidence that has been shown to demonstrate why it works. At the very least,  evidence has shown that those that receive CBD oil have had fewer seizures. However, since there is no established scientific mechanism for the action that occurs, it has not been definitively assigned to treatment. This just means that science has not been able to identify the device, not that it does not exist. The fact that it has helped thousands of people is evidence enough to show that it does work. Therefore, if you are suffering from epilepsy, it is a viable alternative to pharmaceuticals that may or may not work for you. Best of all, it is an entirely natural treatment, one that has worked for many people, and therefore may also work for you.
This basic overview of why you should consider CBD oil for epilepsy should motivate you to try this if you have been diagnosed with this condition. If you have received prescriptions from doctors, and nothing has been helping, this is a viable alternative. Although science has not yet discovered why it works, definitively showing a mechanism for its ability to diminish epileptic seizures, it is clear that it is providing relief. CBD oil for epilepsy may very well be one of the best treatments available today for those that suffer from this chronic condition.


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