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  • 19 Aug

    Apple Stem Cell Cream

    Apple Stem Cell Cream- Anti Aging Skin Care The Benefits Of Apple Stem Cells Cream As we age, the epidermal stem cells that are required to create new skin are significantly reduced, or they function less efficiently. That is why wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, and other skin impurities become prominent when one age. Even though there are hundreds of skin care products on the market that promise to delay the aging of the skin, most of them don’t give the promised results. Hence, most people become frustrated and search high and low for effective solutions to reverse the skin aging process. That is where Apple Stem Cells Cream comes in handy. This article provides information on some of the important benefits of Apple Stem Cells Cream. Scientists have found that an extract derived from the stem cells of an apple tree could rejuvenate the aging skin. This plant extract is supposed to stimulate the growth of stem cells in the skin to reduce the appearance of unsightly wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration, and other impurities in the skin. In fact, stem cells are considered the building blocks of the body since they can grow into any cell in the human body. The cells in our body are programmed for specific functions such as a liver cell, brain cell, skin cell which contains the same DNA structure. Stem cells are cells that contain no specific programming. These cells are usually “blank” so that the body could format them into any cell as it pleases. These cells can replenish itself through the process of self-renewal. There are two basic forms of stem cells in the body – such as Embryonic stem cells and Adult stem cells. Out of the two, embryonic cells can turn into any type of cells in the body. But the adult cells are more limited in what they can do. These cells can evolve only into a particular kind of cell found in the tissue where they are located in the body. In fact, the primary function of adult stem cells is to maintain and repair the tissue where they are found. But there are certain adult stem cells in nature that have unlimited development potential similar to embryonic stem cells. These cells are the primary focus of the new field of regenerative medicine. The epidermis of the skin has two types of cells. They are the slowly dividing epidermis cells and rapidly dividing epidermis cells. The epidermal skin cell population can deplete due to the slow dividing cells. This can create a problem in the skin. The skin’s health and appearance can take a toll because of these cells. Scientists turned to plants to find a solution to this problem. Plants also have stem cells just like humans. But the adult stem cells in plants have unlimited capabilities compared to human adult stem cells. These cells can turn into a whole new plant without any problem. Scientists began to grow plant adult stem cells in a culture to find an answer to the human skin aging process. The apple’s ability to stay fresh for a long time […]

  • cbd oil lyme disease 19 Aug

    Can CBD Oil Help Treat Lyme Disease?

    How Could CBD Oil Help Heal Lyme Disease? Lyme disease is considered a horrible disorder that affects millions of people across the globe. In fact, the CDC reports that chronic Lyme disease has become one of the fastest-spreading diseases in the United States today with more than 30,000 patients being affected by the condition each year. Ticks are the cause of this disease. The symptoms include a rash and flu-like feeling to be mis diagnosed ith MS even. But the number one symptom of the disease is depression that could lead to suicide due to the debilitating effects of the condition. The medical experts have deemed this disease as an epidemic as well as a national public health crisis. Antibiotics have become increasingly less effective in treating this disease. Hence, the medical community is out with all their guns blazing to find an effective treatment for this condition. That is where the talk of CBD oil comes into the scene. In fact, there are many scientific studies conducted to deem the effectiveness of CBD oil to treat Lyme disease. The research is still going on and in its infantry stage. But there is concrete evidence to support the effectiveness of CBD oil in treating Lyme disease. This article provides information on how CBD oil may help treat Lyme disease. Lyme disease is a quite serious threat across the United States and has reached an endemic stage in almost all 50 states in the United States. It is a life-threatening condition that affects all organs and systems of the human body. The condition is conventionally treated with Doxycycline – antibiotic – for 28 days. According to the CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – patients who are treated with this antibiotic in the early stages of the disease stand a better chance of recovering from the condition. But with the majority of patients having a resistance to antibiotics in this day and age, the doctor will examine the medical history and antibiotic usage of the patient before prescribing this drug. In fact, the long-term use of antibiotics can make the patient resist the drug and worsen the symptoms of Lyme disease. That is why more than 10-20% of patients don’t get cured with antibiotics, and they progress to the chronic stage of the disease. Typical chronic Lyme disease treatments can further damage the body and its organs. Certain treatments can damage the GI tract and kill the good bacteria in your gut. This leaves your body open to bacterial contamination over time. On the other hand, too many antibiotics can harm the lining of the GI tract which is very crucial to a good immune system. Hence, the patient will lose his or her immunity to the disease. This situation can worsen the condition even further and lead to fatal results over time. That is why the medical community is eagerly researching the benefits of CBD oil to treat Lyme disease. CBD or Cannabidiol and THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol are two types of chemical compounds (cannabinoids) found in the marijuana plant. Although both these cannabinoids have their own medical benefits, […]

  • acne 19 Aug

    Discover How CBD Skin Care Can Benefit Eczema And Psoriasis

    Discover How CBD Skin Care Can Benefit Eczema And Psoriasis Many people today are looking for alternative methods for treating a variety of chronic conditions. Among the different skin conditions that cause a lot of individuals to endure a great deal of discomfort, is eczema and psoriasis. CBD oils are extracted from cannabis, and they are becoming increasingly popular four basic skin care and for the treatment of severe skin conditions. Here we will take a look at how CBD skin care products can significantly benefit the treatment of those conditions. Eczema And CBD Skin Care There is a significant amount of the population that will experience the skin condition known as eczema at some point during their lifetime. This condition causes the skin to feel uncomfortable, and it often becomes inflamed and turns red. Most people who suffer from this condition will find that they often itch in the area where the eczema is inflamed. There is currently no known cure for this skin condition. For this reason, it’ll be necessary to treat it with skin care products that will keep the area in good condition and reduce or eliminate the symptoms. Once you start to search for products to treat eczema, you will find that the best choices include oils and moisturizers. Many skincare companies promote lotions as an effective treatment, but numerous studies have found that lotions are far less efficient than oils and moisturizers. CBD oil is among the best treatments available for this condition. You can use it in conjunction with a moisturizer because this condition often dries out the skin in the area where it’s inflamed. Keeping the area moisturized along with using CBD oil as a way to significantly heal the area will go long ways to keeping the symptoms of this skin condition to a minimum. When choosing products to use on eczema, you want to stay away from those that have any fragrance in them. Fragrances use dozens and even sometimes hundreds of harsh chemicals, and because the fragrances are considered proprietary under the law, it means that companies are not required to list those ingredients. Supplement With Vitamin D Typically a person who spends 10 or 15 minutes a day in the Sun will get enough vitamin D for daily consumption, but the fact is that most average adults do not get enough Sun. There’s also the concern that overexposure to the sun can cause additional skin conditions and for this reason, it’s recommended that you supplement to get enough daily vitamin D. There have been some studies that have shown that a deficiency in vitamin D is linked with the condition of eczema. Taking a vitamin D supplement along with using CBD oil regularly on the areas inflamed by eczema has shown itself to be an effective treatment that significantly reduces the symptoms of this skin condition. Reduce Stress Although CBD oils will go long ways in helping reduce the overall symptoms of eczema, it will be necessary to find ways to reduce stress in your life. Stress is one of the top causes of many of today’s chronic […]

  • CBD Oil For Epilepsy 12 Aug

    CBD Oil For Epilepsy an Israeli Study

    CBD Oil For Epilepsy an Israeli Study For those who have been wondering whether or not CBD oil could work for epilepsy, a recent study from February 2015 published in Seizure: European Journal of Epilepsy Journal provides us with very good reason to believe that it would. Involved in this study were seventy-four Israeli adolescents and children, who ranged from one up to eighteen years old. They also had been diagnosed with “refractory epilepsy” or “intractable epilepsy.” What those medical terms mean is that epilepsy couldn’t be controlled through using a prescription medication or another common method used in traditional medicine for treating epilepsy. All of the seventy-four study participants had previously been unresponsive to over seven separate prescription drugs. Also, in sixty-six percent of the survey’s participants, neither having a vagal nerve stimulator implanted or a ketogenic diet helped. A ketogenic diet is low in carbohydrates, high in fat and adequate amounts of protein. This is obviously a difficult diet to stick with over the long term, particularly for young people, given all of the numerous carbohydrate temptations that you see everywhere you turn. Just imagine how challenging a birthday party could be! A ketogenic diet’s goal is forcing the body to metabolize food in a way where the brain has to use ketones as a type of fuel instead of glucose. It can be a very hard diet for some epileptics, however, if strictly adhered to, it may prevent or reduce seizures. A vagal nerve stimulator is quite similar to a pace maker. It sends out mild electrical impulses at constant intervals. But rather than sending electrical impulses into the heart for regulating the heart beat, what happens instead is that electrical impulses are sent to the brain from the vagal nerve stimulator from the vagus nerve, which is the body’s longest cranial nerve. This vagus nerve goes from the brain down to the torso, and along the way, serves a majority of the internal organs. Surgery is necessary for inserting the vagal nerve stimulator, and it frequently ends up not working. Some side effects include depression, memory loss, higher rates of infection, shortness of breath, tingling sensation, numbness, and pain. This is a somewhat extreme measure to take, and it can be difficult for parents to decide to have their child go through this. This measure is usually only taken when a child has very bad seizures, and prescription drugs do not control them. It seems that overall CBD oil that is used for epilepsy would be a lot easier of a method for controlling children’s epileptic seizures. Also, putting drops of CBD oil underneath a child’s tongue one or two times per day (using capsules, dabs, etc.) does appear it would be a lot easier of the method compared to trying to have a child follow a ketogenic diet, particularly long term. Given that CBD oil does not require surgery and is non-invasive, and all of the buzz being generating on the internet about CBD oil being used for epilepsy, not many appear to be speaking out about having any side effects. CBD Oil For Epilepsy […]

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