Can CBD Be Used To Treat Lyme Disease?

Can CBD Be Used To Treat Lyme Disease?

Can CBD Be Used To Treat Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is a horrific illness that impacts massive numbers of individuals. Per data from the CDC, Lyme disease is the fastest-growing vector-borne infectious disease inside American borders. Roughly three hundred thousand people are afflicted with this disease every year in America. Ticks are usually the cause of this illness. Common symptoms include flu-like feelings and rash. On the other hand, the primary factor for fatality from Lyme disease is depression that leads to suicide, as the debilitating effects of this disease take their toll on a person.

A global specialist and expert authority on this disease, Dr. Ernie Murakami, is thought to have discovered a new cure. That cure is CBD for the treatment of Lyme disease. Before we get too involved in facts about this, let’s first cover what CBD is, as well as the hype surrounding it.

Just What Is CBD Anyway?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a primary non-psychotomimetic compound that comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant, which provides users many of the advantages that Cannabis is known for, yet it contains no THC. As such, CBD is legal in every one of the fifty states. CBD does carry neurogenic and neuroprotective effects. It also often displays anxiolytic (relaxing) effects in both animals and humans. As such, it sees current use in treating a variety of autoimmune and mental disorders. In a similar vein, some federally funded research study projects show it to hold high promise in fighting cancer. The use of CBD as a treatment for Lyme disease might be the most inspiring research yet, though.

The Research

Dr. Murakami has many years of experience in the field. He’s the man responsible for the tick-removal methodology that most physician offices use around the world to this very day. It took an incident in his life to inspire the use of CBD for Lyme disease treatment and research, however.

A horrific hockey accident left Dr. Murakami with substantial head trauma, which resulted in a tumor. He had often advised patients to put CBD to good use for pain management, and his research led him to discover that a lot of doctors were already using CBD to minimize the size of tumors. He started CBD treatment for himself, and the impact on his tumor surprised him.

The experience and results inspired him to start looking at CBD for treating other ailments, particularly Lyme disease. CBD also has a reputation for antibiotic properties, which is useful since the primary treatment for cases of Lyme disease is a month of intensive antibiotics. Unfortunately, modern antibiotics used in this course have a roughly four in ten chance of either hurting the patient or proving ineffective. That inspires Dr. Murakami to test something safer and more natural.

Dr. Murakami’s research on CBD started on live spirochetes, a bacteria that causes Lymes, and he got positive evidence from it. He first presented his studies back in 2014, and massive additional research is happening on university campuses around the world.

Treatment Options And Facts

Additional resources exist about both Lyme disease and the use of CBD in its treatment. You can find CBD for Lyme disease treatment in many forms, including lotions, syrups, pain creams, e-liquids, capsules, and oil drops. One Hemp Genix product that has helped our customers with Lyme Disease are the healing pain Lotion and healing pain rub with emu oil. Seems to be a great products just for these ailments especially in the legs and arms.

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