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Cannabidiol Oil Skin Care

HempGenix is the first commercial-grade skin care and cosmetics product line that contains 100% organic cannabidiol( CBD) from sustainably harvested, 100% USA non-GMO industrial hemp flowers, and USA fabricated. Our unique cultivars of hemp are naturally high-pitched in CBD, enabled us to infuse pure CBD-rich hemp oil into every HempGenix product.

HempGenix takes herbal skincare and body care to the next degree. Infused with cannabidiol, a natural constituent of the hemp plant, HempGenix is an issue of your skin and what get in it!

HempGenix is a brand-new path to soak in this powerful antioxidant, leaving your skin, hair, and fingernails searching more healthy and radiant than ever.

  • CBD has significant anti-aging benefits as a potent antioxidant and its potential as an anti-inflammatory.
  • CBD and other powerful anti-aging ingredients in our skincare products gives little ‘bursts’ to your skin all day for faster, more noticeable results.
  • The CBD in HempGenix products is the purest, cosmetically-grade;  is THC-free, non-toxic and non-GMO 100% USA Grown plants and manufactured in Miami.

Cannabidiol Oil Skin Care

HempGenix is CBD Hair and Body Care

Naturally balanced for all skin types, Hemp Genix’s hand cream, lip care, Tattoo Aftercare, CBD Oils, and anti- aging body lotion helps hydrate and promote radiant, glowing skin.

Our CBD shampoo, conditioner, and body wash cleanse and hydrate without over-drying or over-saturating. Your hair will appear shiny and health, and your skin will seem moisturized and fresh.

Cannabidiol Oil Skin Care

No harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfates, petroleum, dyes, or phthalates. We use simply quality steam distilled essential oils. 100% USA FARM TO DOOR PRODUCTS

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CBD Isolate 99% Powder
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CBD Isolate 99% Powder
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CBD Oil 1oz 500mg 20mg Per Serving
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CBD Pet Treats 5mg Per Treat
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CBD Pain Cream With 10% Emu Oil
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