Cannabigerol (CBG) The Other Cannabinoid?

Is Cannabigerol (CBG) The Ultimate Cannabinoid?

Most people aren’t even aware of the role that Cannabigerol plays in the medicinal effects of marijuana. CBG works directly behind the scenes ensuring that the other components are of the right strength. There is much to investigate as scientists begin to explore the benefits of the CBG in cannabis.

The THC and the CBD in cannabis all began as CBG. As the plant matured, the CBG evolved and become weaker and converted the enzymes in the plant.

The non-psychoactive portion of the plant is the CBG. Think of it as the stem cell of the other chemicals and you’ll have a picture of how it works. It quickly converts to the other cannabinoids via the enzymes in the plants and in time, lowers the CBG levels.

In addition to this role, the CBG also has its own set of important details that it will be working on.

CBG actually inhibits the uptake of the chemicals in the brain called GABA. It works to reduce inflammation and it has anti-oxidant effects as well.

In an earlier study this year that was done in Italy, researchers found that the properties in the experimental models offered therapeutic hope for those suffering from inflammatory bowel disease.
In other studies that were far more diverse, they found that CBG worked as a COX 2 inhibitor. This showed great promise as it was similar to a number of pharmaceuticals that are considered to be non-steroidal anti-inflammatory or NSAIDS.

In another study, the CBG, THC and even the CBD all showed promise at inhibiting the COX-2 inhibitors and enzymes. It showed that this was required in higher concentrations in comparison to the typical NSAIDS however, there were fewer side effects in the CBG, THC and the CBD.

Clearly, more research is needed to fully determine the value of the CBG in medical research. In fact, without the CBG, the cannabinoids wouldn’t even be there.

Today, more than ever before we know that phytocannabinoids are to thank for  the production of the enzymes in the plants and it can help patients recover more quickly from a variety of ailments. As more research is being done, more patients are finding relief from the use of Cannabigerol.

Many laboratories are currently working on studies in Cannabinoid testing. These research laboratories are helping a variety of patients in gaining more from the cannabis plant.