CBD Could Be An Alternative To These Prescription Pills

CBD Could Be An Alternative To These Prescription Pills

Since the beginning of 2015, some individuals have made the decision to use CBD Oil as a replacement to traditional prescription medication. Also, more people have chosen CBD Oil for its recognizable medicinal purposes as a safer alternative to many unsafe and chemical based drugs.

As the research continues about effects of different prescription pills and CBD Oil, there is more information now available based on how CBD Oil can treat certain symptoms that were once only treatable with prescription medication. Today there are various individuals who have started to use CBD Oil to treat various illnesses such as insomnia, depression, and anxiety because the side effects are just about non-existent. Below are some of the comparisons between prescription pills and CBD Oil

Painkillers Such As Vicodin Vs CBD Oil

CBD Oil was a popular painkiller that has been in use for many years dating back to the ancient traditions. While a painkiller such as Vicodin is riddled with toxic chemicals and these is one of the painkiller drugs that are associated with many Americans that die every year caused by overdoses of painkillers. The CBD Oil is an effective and safe treatment for individuals who suffer from chronic pain, and it is entirely safe to use without causing any physical type side effects which are in most cases associated with the chemical drugs.

Anti-Anxiety Medication Such As Xanax Vs CBD Oil

When comparing CBD Oil for the treatment of anxiety some users have reported that they found the treatment effective while others have reported that their anxiety levels increased when using CBD Oil. It is for this very reason that it is always important to ensure that the purity of the CBD is over 80%.

Sleep Medication Such As Ambien Vs CBD Oil

One of the more popular uses for CBD Oil is to assist individuals who suffer from insomnia. It has been reported that CBD Oil is more effective than medication such as Ambien while at the same time it is not dangerous or addictive.

Anti-Depressants Such As Zoloft Vs CBD Oil

While CBD Oil may not work for every individual and extreme cases, this treatment is not suggested, many believe it is still worth trying. Side effects linked with chemical anti-depressants are significant, and in most cases, people who use these drugs often develop an addiction. Many of the anti-depressant pills only hide or mask the symptoms, and in most cases, patients that stop taking this medication soon find they are in the same position or a worse condition before they started.

Using CBD Oil to assist in the treatment of depression usually takes a bit more time as the Oil works more on the person’s psychology opposed to the chemicals in the brain. This means using CBD Oil will take commitment and patience and developing and understanding on how the plants operate when comparing the chemical based drugs most commonly used to treat depression.

Stimulants Such As Adderall Vs CBD Oil

People who have been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD typically take stimulants like Adderall to treat the symptoms. This is when using an alternative like CBD Oil works on the individual’s psychology opposed to the chemicals in the brain but usually works quickly and effectively to treat these symptoms.
Also, the Sativa strains of CBD Oil are typically a better choice for people with ADHD compared to the indicia strains as it is more stimulating.