CBD For Lyme Disease

CBD For Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is one of the fastest growing vector-borne infectious diseases in the United States in this day and age. This was recently revealed by the CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US. The CDC recommended a 30-day oral antibiotic treatment plan for the disease even there is no concrete evidence that this method would help cure the illness. On the other hand, ilads.org – a leading resource for Lyme disease education in the world – says that more than 40% of the patients have experienced recurring episodes of the disease, especially when treatments are delayed. Also, less than 50% of patients suffering from the disease don’t recall a rash or tick bite. In fact, the CDC doesn’t recommend treatments without either one of them. That’s where Dr. Ernie Murakami’s revelations come in handy. Dr. Ernie Murakami – an 84-year old activist – thinks that he has already found a cure for the disease with cannabidiol (CBD) paste.

Dr. Murakami is a founding partner and teacher at the naturopathic facility named Dr. E Murakami Center for Lyme Research in Canada. The first Lyme disease patient came to the center 20 years ago in Hope, British Columbia – the hometown of the Dr. Murakami. He was successful in treating this patient and the rest of the patients who came to him. This resulted in continuous referrals where he was able to establish an excellent reputation for being one of the most successful healthcare providers in treating this disease.

Dr. Murakami has been able to develop some revolutionary techniques for removing the tick from its host. The Blister method is the first. The jaw of the tick is numbed under such circumstances. This approach is widely used by emergency physicians in medical offices. The Drinking Straw/Single Knot technique is the second one. This method involves trapping the creature with a straw and tying a knot around its mouth. Alternating pressure is applied on a constant basis until the tick releases its mouth.

Murakami’s extensive experience in dealing with Lyme disease has made it possible for him to understand the controversy. There is one group that claims that the disease could be controlled within a few weeks using oral antibiotics such as doxycycline. While the other team believes that long-term treatment is required to eradicate the cystic form of the illness. Dr. Murakami says that the leading cause of death due to Lyme disease is suicide. In fact, the depression associated with the disease is such bad. Dr. Murakami states that he had a patient who suffered from severe depression due to Lyme disease. His colleagues said that the patient was a mental case. But Dr. Murakami carried out the tests and found out that the symptoms were due to Lyme disease. Hence, Dr. Murakami reiterates that the leading cause of death due to Lyme disease is suicide.

In fact, Dr. Murakami’s patients have been smoking cannabis when traditional medications were not treating the severe symptoms of fatigue, pain and multi-organ failure. Although the doctor doesn’t believe in smoking a medicine, he was perplexed by the mind-body benefits of non-psychotropic cannabidiol.

Dr. Murakami suffered a skull fracture during a hockey accident playing with his grandson. The x-ray revealed a ten-centimeter asymptomatic tumor. He began treating the condition with cannabidiol. In fact, he was amazed at the evidence of tumor shrinkage due to the treatment. Dr. Murakami was convinced of the antibiotic effects of cannabidiol due to anecdotal cases of treating chronic infections that are resistant to most of the standard antibiotics.

Dr. Murakami began his research with cannabidiol on live spirochetes with quite positive evidence. The findings were presented in October 2014, in Fernie. B.C. Further research is being continued at USA universities.

May is considered Lyme disease awareness month. People are encouraged to “Take a Bite Out of Lyme” during this month. This shares a photo of the organizers taking a bite out of the lime fruit and exchange a fact about the disease on their social media platforms. If you or anyone knew to you is suffering from the disease, Dr. Murakami is glad to speak with you free of charge in his spare time.