CBD For Migraines

CBD For Migraines

Only someone who has gone through terrible pain with a severe headache will be able to tell you all about the pain and misery that it can bring. Some sufferers will vow to try anything that they can to get rid of the pain, even feeling as though death is not far off as an answer. Of course, dealing with a severe headache or a migraine is never a reason to resort to such an extreme. However, this tells you of the level of severity that comes with some of the headaches that people go through. This article dives deeper into how CBD oil for migraines can help with some notable relief.

There are many types of headaches, to include sinus headaches, tension headaches, hypertension or high blood pressure headaches, headaches related to diabetes and more. Then you have the debilitating migraine headache.

Anyone who has gone through a migraine will tell you just how severe the attack can be. This is a headache that is the monster of all headaches, complete with a wealth of symptoms like vertigo, blurred vision, sensitivity to light and sound, earache, dizziness and much more.

What About A Migraine Cure?

The major downside of a migraine is the list of excruciating symptoms and that fact that there is no solid cure for such a condition. While there are some options that will cut back on the symptoms, including various prescription drugs like propranolol, trazodone, nimodipine, papaverine, flunarizine and more, all these medications do is help with symptom relief.

Better solutions have come out in the last few years, such as the research done to show that cannabis can help with a more permanent solution to the pain that migraine sufferers go through.

With a study that came out in the Pharmacotherapy journal, it has been reported that it can be proven that CBD Oil can cut down on the frequency of migraines significantly. Out of 121 patients that were studied, 103 of them noted that their migraine occurrences had decreased. 15 of the patients made note that there was no difference and only three said they had gotten migraines more often.

Researchers noted that inhaling cannabis can be more effective due to the manner in which the cannabinoids get into your bloodstream at a faster rate. Some of the patients who had inhaled cannabis went through a reduction from about 15 migraines a month down to only one or two a month.

How Does It Help Migraines?

There has been researching diving into whether or not there is a connection between migraines and a sort of deficiency of endocannabinoids. The endocannabinoids are cannabinoids produced naturally within the human body helping to control various processes. They are not completely understood just yet, but scientists will often use psychoactive marijuana in testing for medical reasons and warn against the use of it.

It is always best to work on weighing the pros and cons of any side effects and the potential for long-term harm.

With all of this being taken into consideration, you should be asking if marijuana rich in THC can relieve migraine symptoms. This would call for testing out CBD oil for treatment of migraines relief. Out of a wide range of studies that have been conducted as of late, there is not a single bit of evidence that suggests in any way that CBD oil can cause harm to the body.

All in all, CBD oil for migraines is showing a tremendous amount of promise for patients who are looking for relief.