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CBD Oil 750mg High Ratio 30mg:0THC MCT Oil

If you have ever been diagnosed with epilepsy, and you have been given many of the pharmaceutical remedies by your doctor to handle this condition, you might wonder if there is something else that you might be able to use. This is a condition which can cause you to have seizures, sometimes for several minutes, and there are certain drugs that can help maintain this condition. There is a natural product called CBD oil which is becoming much more popular for treating a wide variety of ailments. Here is an overview of what CBD oil is, what epilepsy is, and how it might be able to provide relief for those that suffer with this malady.

Hemp Genix Products all are over 80% Pure with ZERO THC Proudly grown plants from Entourage Nutritional and Folium Biosciences in Colorado and manufactured in our own manufacturing Facility in Miami.

CBD Oil 750mg High Ratio 30mg:0THC MCT Oil

Why CBD Oil Might Be Able To Help

According to some studies, cannabis or marijuana has the ability to affect certain neurological conditions that people have. It is a natural sedative, the primary reason why people smoke marijuana today. some of these conditions, including epilepsy, can be treated with Cannabidiol, one of the many cannabinoids that is in marijuana. Studies have shown that by using it for the purpose of reducing seizures, is possible to reduce or eliminate them completely. Although proper scientific testing has not been done due to the limitations imposed upon scientists by the federal government, there is some promise using this is a treatment.


CBD Oil 750mg High Ratio 30mg:0THC MCT Oil

Hemp Oil 750mg 1oz Orange Flavor

Hemp Oil 750mg 1oz Natural Flavor


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