If you are one of the many people that have had or currently suffers from struggling to concentrate as an adult or when you were a child, you are well aware of how hurtful or frustrating it is when a person tells you “Just get on with it and finish a task.” CBD (cannabidiol) has been discussed in the past in regards to its possibilities for learning and motivation, and attention problems are associated with both these aspects. ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a significant issue compared to occasional distractions during school or work. This is why we have decided to look into the possibilities in regards to ADHD supplementation.

ADHD is considered to be a controversial disorder for some reasons. It includes the symptoms related to finding it a difficult task to concentrate in an environment that requires the person to be quiet or still, which is a difficult task for sure individuals. The condition has also been over-diagnosed to some extent in previous years. Around 10% of children in America were diagnosed with this condition in the late part of the 1990’s.

Over and above the over diagnosis, drugs which are highly addictive such as Adderall containing amphetamine salts has often been the drug of choice in regards to a treatment plan for ADHD. Not all of the parents will want that their children are forced to take in amphetamines for extended periods of time, and even a significant percentage of adults not avoid drugs such as Adderall as they do not enjoy the feelings of jitters or feeling wired day in and day out.

In many cases, these particular issues have resulted in individuals who have ADHD allowing the disease to be left untreated particularly in adults. The NIMH (National Institutes of Mental Health) suggests that ADHD can cause issues in the workplace, schoolwork as well as in various social situations. If you are the person who has been diagnosed with ADHD, you will be aware that these particular outcomes are very real. For example it is very possible to start out with intentions for a productive work day, with a cup of coffee in the one hand, to only realize it is already lunchtime, and you have spent over 4 hours on a site such as Facebook opposed to working on that presentation that your boss has asked for by lunchtime.

CBD is under research and investigation to find out about the role it can play in regards to memory, attention, and learning. Into the future, it is expected that studies on animals will become the beginning point of research and the way in which CBD may be able to alter ADHD processes. However, for now, we may gather valuable input from a few individuals with ADHD to learn about how CBD has had an effect on their lives.

We managed to gather a bit of information on a select number of people diagnosed with the condition known as ADHD that use a CBD product daily to collect firsthand accounts about CBD. Kyli, a 22-year student, gave us a summary of her usual routine. She states that she keep a chocolate bar (sugar-free) in her bag when she requires a snack while in class. Knowing that she is not forced to wait for the class to end to have the snack helps her immensely. Also, she states that additional sugar over and above what she has been prescribed with can cause her to become jumpy. She agrees that the bars assist her in avoiding those distracting thoughts. When she used to bring along chips or candy, she would often find herself distracted in counting the calories, sodium or anything else that she could. She remembers zoning out in lectures when she was distracted, so she thinks that CBD has become a valuable tool for when she is in class.

Jenna aged 21 let us know she was diagnosed with the condition of ADHD at the age of eight and took all the medication prescribed for the condition at some stage or another. She started to cut back on the dosage with permission from her doctor when the medication was not as effective anymore. She began taking CBD every day to form part of her antioxidant regimen which included a single CBD capsule twice daily. She began to notice that she was able to concentrate on work and class even though her ADHD drug doses had been reduced significantly. Today she only takes the ADHD medication when she needs it, but the CBD capsules have remained a part of her daily routine. She goes on to state that she has been using CBD for just over a year and has noticed some changes which are better.

27 years old Evan saw various other changes. He states he was starting to become extremely anxious from medication his psychiatrist prescribed for his ADHD. He says he had many sleepless nights and began to eat junk food as he never felt that he was hungry enough to eat a full meal. After taking vape oils (CBD) to treat his anxiety, to begin with, he soon realized that combating the stress also meant he became less distracted.

Various people have a variety of reasons why they use CBD. Which is why the statement that Evan supplied about ADHD and anxiety was particularly interesting. We went on to ask Evan he believed there is a connection to ADHD behavior and anxiety. He stated that before taking CBD, he would typically come home from work, put on the TV, watch a movie, play on his phone and probably eat candy doing various things at once. When in fact, he should have been doing his data entry tasks and taking his online classes.

We asked Evan what had changed in his life after taking the CBD oil supplement. He states he was able to resist the urge to immediately start watching his TV. He said he was also able to put his cell phone onto silent while entering his data that was needed for work. Before the supplement, he would often get up and check his phone every couple of minutes. He is no longer as restless as he used to be.

Each person’s experience will be different, and these particular interviews are just opinions and are not considered as medical benefits for any of the products. If you show symptoms or have been diagnosed with ADHD, you are encouraged to talk about supplementation with a health-care provider or doctor.
If you have already been diagnosed or perhaps you often find yourself distracted during the day, CBD may be a supplement that can benefit you. The CBD products can be taken in the form of a capsule made as soon as you wake up in the morning.

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