CBD Oil For Epilepsy an Israeli Study

CBD Oil For Epilepsy an Israeli Study

CBD Oil For Epilepsy an Israeli Study

For those who have been wondering whether or not CBD oil could work for epilepsy, a recent study from February 2015 published in Seizure: European Journal of Epilepsy Journal provides us with very good reason to believe that it would.

Involved in this study were seventy-four Israeli adolescents and children, who ranged from one up to eighteen years old. They also had been diagnosed with “refractory epilepsy” or “intractable epilepsy.” What those medical terms mean is that epilepsy couldn’t be controlled through using a prescription medication or another common method used in traditional medicine for treating epilepsy.

All of the seventy-four study participants had previously been unresponsive to over seven separate prescription drugs. Also, in sixty-six percent of the survey’s participants, neither having a vagal nerve stimulator implanted or a ketogenic diet helped.

A ketogenic diet is low in carbohydrates, high in fat and adequate amounts of protein. This is obviously a difficult diet to stick with over the long term, particularly for young people, given all of the numerous carbohydrate temptations that you see everywhere you turn. Just imagine how challenging a birthday party could be! A ketogenic diet’s goal is forcing the body to metabolize food in a way where the brain has to use ketones as a type of fuel instead of glucose. It can be a very hard diet for some epileptics, however, if strictly adhered to, it may prevent or reduce seizures.

A vagal nerve stimulator is quite similar to a pace maker. It sends out mild electrical impulses at constant intervals. But rather than sending electrical impulses into the heart for regulating the heart beat, what happens instead is that electrical impulses are sent to the brain from the vagal nerve stimulator from the vagus nerve, which is the body’s longest cranial nerve. This vagus nerve goes from the brain down to the torso, and along the way, serves a majority of the internal organs. Surgery is necessary for inserting the vagal nerve stimulator, and it frequently ends up not working. Some side effects include depression, memory loss, higher rates of infection, shortness of breath, tingling sensation, numbness, and pain. This is a somewhat extreme measure to take, and it can be difficult for parents to decide to have their child go through this. This measure is usually only taken when a child has very bad seizures, and prescription drugs do not control them.

It seems that overall CBD oil that is used for epilepsy would be a lot easier of a method for controlling children’s epileptic seizures. Also, putting drops of CBD oil underneath a child’s tongue one or two times per day (using capsules, dabs, etc.) does appear it would be a lot easier of the method compared to trying to have a child follow a ketogenic diet, particularly long term. Given that CBD oil does not require surgery and is non-invasive, and all of the buzz being generating on the internet about CBD oil being used for epilepsy, not many appear to be speaking out about having any side effects.

CBD Oil For Epilepsy
CBD Oil For Epilepsy

CBD Oil For Epilepsy

However, is CBD oil effective for epilepsy? To answer the question, we will go over the results from the study with the seventy-four Israeli children:

After taking CBD oil for three months at least and six months on average, eighty-nine percent of these kids saw a reduction in their seizures. This seems like such a fantastic result for epileptic seizures to decrease by eighty-nine percent that it should be a major headline story all over the media.

So let’s break these incredible results down even more:

– 18 percent of the children (13) had a 75 to 100 percent decrease in seizures!

– 34 percent of the children (25) had a 50 to 75 percent decrease in seizures!

– 12 percent of the children (9) had a 25 to 50 percent decrease in the seizures, which is still quite a good result!

– 19 percent of the children (10) had a decrease of less than 25 percent in seizures or no difference in the frequency of seizures.

That is a mixed result. Some of the children might have experienced a greater arise from using CBD oil had they been taking CBD for a longer amount of time or maybe had received a higher dose of CBD every day.

A couple of another point that needs to be made regarding the study:

– The study participants took a low-THC CBD oil that a 20:1 ratio of cannabidiol (CBD) to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The study’s focus was seeing if CBD would help with reducing epileptic seizures, and not THC. So no one was attempting to get the children high!

– In this study, there were 5 out of the 74 children who experienced relatively mild problems. They might or might not have been because of the CBD oil. They include gastrointestinal issues, irritability, and drowsiness. However, even if the CBD oil was causing these symptoms, they are not up to the level of those much harsher systems that a high percentage of the children taking prescription drugs for their epilepsy experience. Also, when the dosage is adjusted, or a CBD oil is used that has an even little THC amount, such as the CBD oil that we sell, that has just trace amounts of TCH, it may get rid of those relatively mild issues.

– There was a wide variation in CBD dosage, from 1 milligram up to 20 milligrams per kilogram of body weight a day.

If the CBD dosage had been increased for some of the children, then the incredible results might have been even greater! A follow-up study that investigated the dosage more thoroughly is of course needed.

– If the results from this research study inspire you to try out CBD oil for controlling epileptic seizures, then you can begin with a small dose and increase it as needed.

As a review, over half of the children who took CBD oil for six months on average experienced a fifty percent reduction at least in their epileptic seizures! Also, the CBD oil appeared to reduce epileptic seizures significantly in 89 percent of the children!

The research on CBD oil be used to reduce epileptic seizures appears to be very promising. More research is needed, but as can be seen from this study the future appears to be quite bright for the use of CBD oil for treating epilepsy.