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CBD Oil For Epilepsy – Does It Actually Help?

If you have ever been diagnosed with epilepsy, and you have been given many of the pharmaceutical remedies by your doctor to handle this condition, you might wonder if there is something else that you might be able to use. This is a condition which can cause you to have seizures, sometimes for several minutes, and there are certain drugs that can help maintain this condition. There is a natural product called CBD oil which is becoming much more popular for treating a wide variety of ailments. Here is an overview of what CBD oil is, what epilepsy is, and how it might be able to provide relief for those that suffer with this malady.

Why CBD Oil Might Be Able To Help

According to some studies, cannabis or marijuana has the ability to affect certain neurological conditions that people have. It is a natural sedative, the primary reason why people smoke marijuana today. some of these conditions, including epilepsy, can be treated with Cannabidiol, one of the many cannabinoids that is in marijuana. Studies have shown that by using it for the purpose of reducing seizures, is possible to reduce or eliminate them completely. Although proper scientific testing has not been done due to the limitations imposed upon scientists by the federal government, there is some promise using this is a treatment.

What Is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a chronic disorder. It can actually cause unprovoked and recurrent seizures. Those that have epilepsy may have more than one type of the many possible seizures that a person can experience, plus may also have other neurological problems. Since there is no cure for this particular condition, it is often treated with drugs that will prevent the seizures from occurring. They do not always work, and if they do, they are typically not consistent. That’s why some people will try to find additional remedies, some of which are all natural.

What Is CBD Oil?

This is a component of the marijuana plants. It is different from THC because it does not have psychoactive properties. It also has many beneficial qualities, many of which had been used in lieu of using pharmaceutical drugs. One of the things that this oil can help is in the treatment of epilepsy. There are some theories as to why it is able to help, and why it might be one of the best remedies available today.

How CBD Oil Can Treat Epilepsy

There are many adults and children that have used CBD oil in order to treat epilepsy. The reason that many people will try this, especially if they had severe epilepsy, is that it is a much better alternative to medications that can cause brain fog, brain surgeries which are very invasive, and electrical devices which are attached to the brain in order to potentially cause a positive result. Instead, people have found that CBD oil has shown great promise as a treatment for this condition. Unfortunately, due to the restrictions mentioned above, it has made it virtually impossible for medical doctors and researchers to do the experimentation that is necessary, and also get the money that they need, in order to prove once and for all that this is a viable treatment.

What Else Can CBD Oil Do?

There are so many other things that CBD oil may be able to help with such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, and even Parkinson’s. Many doctors are cautiously optimistic about the use of this untested natural supplement. In the same way that THC has shown great promise as a viable alternative to pharmaceutical treatments, CBD oil seems to be able to help in the same areas. This is sometimes a measure of last resort for the parents of children that have uncontrollable seizures. It is only then that they are able to try this out and some have seen great success. Until more testing can be done, if it is legal in your state, you should definitely give this product to try.

The polypharmacological effects of CBD oil on those that suffer from epilepsy shows that it has the ability to provide maintenance and control for animals that have been tested that have similar seizures. As time passes, it is likely that Cannabidiol will be tested more thoroughly by medical doctors and scientists on humans, showing that it does indeed have the ability to effectively treat those that suffer from epileptic seizures.

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