CBD Oil For Squamous Cell Carcinoma

CBD Oil As A Natural Way To Treat Skin Cancer

Squamous cell cancer or squamous cell carcinoma is the cancer of a kind of an epithelial cell. It is called the squamous cell. It is the second most common form of skin cancer. SCC is a slow-growing form of skin cancer. It can spread to bones, tissues, and lymph nodes that make it hard to treat.

It usually begins as a red bump or patch of skin. It often bleeds when scraped. It can be in the form of lip sores that do not heal. Dermatologists also remind their patients to observe if their moles are experiencing changes in size and appearance.

These squamous cells are the top layer of the skin, the epidermis. These cells are also found in the lungs, lining of the digestive tract, and other areas of the body. Squamous cell carcinoma occurs in diverse tissues. It includes the mouth, lips, esophagus, prostate, and urinary bladder. SCC is a histologically different form of cancer. It emerges from the uncontrolled multiplication of epithelium cells.

Too much sun exposure is bad for your skin. The ultraviolet radiation coming from the rays of the sun is the most reason for developing squamous cell carcinoma. The lights being used in tannings beds also contain UV radiation.

The UV rays damage the DNA in your skin cells. Skin cancer can also develop on some parts of your body that are not exposed to sunlight. It means that there are other factors that can develop skin cancer. You can be exposed to carcinogenic chemicals and toxins, or you have a weak immune system. You can also develop skin cancer for getting sunburns, moles, contact with arsenic substances, and having a family history of skin cancer.

Treating skin cancer is very crucial and might lead to more serious complications. The treatment focuses on eradicating the irregular cells and replaces them with new and healthy cells. Natural treatment options are available for curing skin cancer. It includes iodine, apple cider vinegar, and cesium chloride.

Iodine attacks the irregular cells and destroys them without harming the normal healthy cells. It also eliminates infections that may be harming the patient’s body.

Apple cider vinegar on the other hand functions to interrupt cancer’s necessary environment. It works to alkalize the body. It is a state in which a cancer cell cannot survive. It also delivers important vitamins and minerals to the body. These are important to support the body’s overall immune and health function.

Cesium chloride is a unique compound for its participation in cancer breakthrough. This compound is obtained from the reaction of hydrochloric acid and cesium hydroxide. It is salt that is sufficient at supplying the body with energy and starving the cancer cells.

Chemotherapy, also known as chemo, is the best treatment to cure skin cancer. It uses one or more anticancer drugs as a part of its regimen. It works by stopping or slowing down the growth of cancer cells in the body.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma Skin Cancer
CBD Oil For Squamous Cell Carcinoma

What if there is a better, safer, and an entirely natural way to cure skin cancer?

Scientists and doctors are encouraged and amazed by cannabis’ potential to be an anti-cancer treatment. A study showed that cannabinoids were effective in reducing skin cancer. It has reduced by as much 90% in over a span of 20 weeks. Cannabis can improve projection and can help these cancer patients to restore the quality of their life. Natural marijuana is more effective and more potent than prosthetic cannabis.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is just one of over 85 cannabinoids identified present in the cannabis plant. It interacts with the body through the endocannabinoid system or endogenous cannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system regulates the body’s general state of balance or homeostasis. It has a significant impact in functions as sleep, appetite, mood, and immune and pain response.

The studies about CBD oil to cure skin cancer should not come as a surprise for people with skin cancer. There are a lot of stories and cases that people have been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma. They tried to use CBD oil, and it worked for them.

These cannabinoids useful kill and target the cancerous cells. A good thing about using cannabinoids is that they do not affect normal, healthy cells. It protects them against cellular death. Cannabinoids help in the prevention of cancer cells from growing and spreading.

CBD is found in the stalk, seeds, and flowers of a cannabis plant. It is easily extracted from the plant because it occurs naturally in quantities.

What are you waiting for? CBD oil might be the answer to your problem. It is a safe and natural treatment for squamous cell carcinoma.

“Endocannabinoids have recently drawn attention as promising anti-cancer agents.

In this study, using HNSCC cell lines, we examined the anti-cancer effects and the mechanisms of action of docosahexaenoyl ethanolamide (DHEA) and N-arachidonoyl-L-alanine (NALA), which are polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA)-based ethanolamides like AEA.

From these findings, we suggest that ROS production induced by the 5-LO pathway mediates the anti-cancer effects of DHEA and NALA on HNSCC cells.