CBD Oil Squamous Cell Carcinoma

CBD Oil Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Squamous cell cancer or squamous cell carcinoma is an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells from the squamous cell. These cells are a part of the skin’s epidermis and this condition is one of that major types of skin cancer. However, the abnormal cells also tend to occur in the digestive tract, lungs and other regions of the body. Squamous-cell cancer also develops as a from of cancers in tissues of the mouth, lips, prostrate, vagina, cervix, urinary bladder, pubic region and many others. Even though they share the name squamous cell carcinoma, these conditions on different parts of the body can show tremendous differences in terms of symptoms, prognosis, natural history as well as response to treatment.

This common form of skin cancer tends to manifest as a flat and thin squamous cell which makes up the uppermost layer of the skin. While it may not be life-threatening, if ignored, this form of cancer can spread to other parts of the body therefore causing server complications. Fortunately, there are natural treatment options than can curb the growth of this form of cancer before it becomes more complicated. Iodine, apple cider vinegar and cesium chloride are some of the popular remedies.

CBD Oil Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Skin Cancer Remedies

Treating skin cancer in it’s early stages, even in a mild form like squamous cell, is vital for preventing serious complications in the future. More often than not, the treatment involves removing the abnormal cells and replenishing new and healthy ones. Natural treatments include dine, apple cider vinegar, cesium chloride and more.

Statistics have it that skin cancer is the most common type of cancer diagnosed in both men and women. According to studies, over doctors diagnose over a million patients with skin cancer each year, with more and more people suffering from the condition than ever. As such, it is important to consult your doctor the moment you notice any irregularity on your skin.

Some people tend to go for the western oncology, which basically involves biopsies and tests that utilize radiation to test for cancer. However, these cancers can end up provoking cancer even if it was not originally there. This type of diagnosis and treatment is hazardous and not highly effective although some forms of cancer are easily treated with simple procedures.

Other people prefer settling for more effective treatment means which includes using natural ingredients that are safe to replenish the skin. If you notice any irregularity on your skin, avoid taking allopathic tests and use natural treatment options.

Thanks to innovation in technology, most forms of skin cancer are detected and treated early enough and before they spread to various parts of the body. However, it is always better to first use natural means of treatment before availing this technology. Some of the western cancer treatment methods include surgically excising small tumors with electric current cauterization and scraping, killing the abnormal cells with low-dose radiation and even frozen with liquid nitrogen.

Another common paradigm of western cancer treatment is that you have to avoid the sun. It’s a known fact that excess sun exposure is a skin cancer catalyst. However, it is also means getting inadequate vitamin, which can also lead to cancer. Avoiding the sun will not do your any good as you are prone to suffering Vitamin D deficiency. Ignore the propaganda from unreliable dermatologists and understand skin cancer as well as it’s treatment.

The more severe the cancer, the deeper you will have to get into the protocol. This simply manes that the more afraid you are of addressing the skin issue, the more you are going to have to get treatment and the more costly the process will be. If you fear cancer and yet you have in it mild form, it could spread to other areas and become more complicated. You will have to attend numerous skin therapies to have your skin back to a healthy state. As they say, prevention is always better than cure.

If you tend to overexpose your skin to the sun, then you may want to know that topical skin products that contain CBD can be great in prevention or treatment of mild cancer forms. CBD is a compound found in cannabis plants and has numerous anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help replenish the skin. Hemp Genix, a skin company renowned for its skin care products manufactures Hemp CBD skin care creams are known to treat common skin conditions such as Acne, Eczema, psoriasis and even squamous cell carcinoma. CBD infused topicals have also been proved to improve the skin appearance of many patients. So, if you want to have a smooth and silky skin, hemp cannabidiol is the answer.

These products have been shown to treat skin cancer. Iodine is another element that can cure cancer. In fact, renowned Oncologist Dr. Tullio Simoncini says that iodine kills cancer. Like most products, it can ideally be applied topically and can be used round the clock for better results.

CBD Oil Squamous Cell Carcinoma

For over half a century, people have been continually taught the importance of sunscreen, and while most people apply sunscreen, the numbers of individuals suffering cancer does not seen to reduce. In fact, about half a decade ago, nobody used sunscreen and skin cancer rates were not as high as today. Of course, there are other factors that contribute to the high rates of skin cancer today, but blaming the sun for it and avoiding the sun doesn’t help.