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CBD Oil, aka Cannabidiol, is a food supplement that many thousands in the people use every day. CBD oil is non-psychoactive and supports many different illnesses because it is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and an antipsychotic.


Buy CBD Oil UK, Maybe Not So Fast

If you want to buy CBD oil from the UK you are in luck because almost every CBD brand selling CBD products are coming from the UK. Additionally most of these companies are based in the Europe and over half the worlds hemp CBD is grown and produced in Europe. So many companies are getting USA address but are based 100% in the UK.

But its not really Luck that we have so many companies with this oil. There is a lot of issues with regulation with oil production within and around the UK. There have been many reports as of the end of summer 2016 that several manufacturers have been tested and have chemical and other ingredients that are not approved and are coming from China to be used as a filler.

These are products that are going into your body for health reasons, why would you take a chance on compromising that?

There are more companies selling USA Produced and manufactured oils and Hemp Genix is one of the leaders in this. Not only because we 100% USA CBD Oil products but because we are partners with our Colorado growers and we are the manufacturing facility of our products. Our Colorado farm is registered with the Department of Griculture of Colorado and FDA. They produced and 3rd party test all oil products. Our products are also ZERO THC. We then get the oil to our manufacturing facility located in Miami Florida. Our facilities are FDA registered and also FDA approved for sunblock, CGMP certified, and PETA cruelty free facility.



CBD Pet Treats 5mg Per Treat
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CBD Oil Spray Weight Loss With 60% HCA
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CBD Pain Cream With 10% Emu Oil
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CBD Pet Treats 5mg Per Treat
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CBD Oil Spray Benefits of CBD Oil Oral Sprays
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CBD Oil 1oz 500mg 20mg Per Serving
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cbd pure isolate
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