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CBD Oil Vape

CBD Vape E-Liquid Oil for Sale

All of our Full Spectrum Medicinal Hemp CBD E-Liquids are grown, produced and packaged in the great State of Colorado, USA! European (EU) Certified Industrial Hemp CBD available as well!

The Entourage Difference – Our Bulk & Wholesale CBD Vape Oil contains the full-spectrum of all cannabinoids and terpenes naturally found in high CBD cannabis. Buy the best pure CBD Vape Oil, Bulk CBD e-juice, Bulk & Wholesale CBD e liquids.  Our CBD e-liquids are made with organic CBD from industrial hemp and contains less than .3% THC or zero THC.  Custom Bulk and Wholesale CBD eliquid formulations made specially for vape shops, e-juice distributors, e-liquid suppliers, CBD vape brands.  100% legal CBD eliquid formulations with full spectrum CBD oils that you can actually feel working immediately.  Our patented CBD formulations are the very best in the world and are used in the biggest brands and ejuices.

CBD Oil Vape

CBD Vap Oil and Pens

What is this HG1 Vaporizer Kit From Hemp Genix?

This kit combines the HG1 Vaporizer with one Alternate Vape Oil bottle and is a match made in vaping paradise. The HG1 Vaporizer is a lightweight yet influential vape pen specifically designed to offer a sustaining vaping experience while Alternate Vape’s vape oil flavors are considered the juiciest on the market.

The HG1 Vaporizer Kit is a one of a kind contrasting option to cigarettes and burning based smoking. The vaporizer guarantees a thick vape that will fulfill you more than any cigarette ever could, while the Alternate Vape Oil will amuse you with its fabulous flavor and give your body a CBD support!

The vaporizer pack is anything but difficult to assemble and considerably simpler to utilize. The HG1 arrives in a tough case, and its steel plan makes it remarkably sturdy. The helpful USB charger permits you to charge it on the go, and the astute top on the vape oil implies you can bring it with you for a speedy refill. The HG1 pen is lightweight, totally windproof, and impenetrable to spillage because of its snazzy and cunning outline.

CBD Oil Vape

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CBD Isolate 99% Powder
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CBD Isolate 99% Powder
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CBD Oil 1oz 500mg 20mg Per Serving
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CBD Pain Cream With 10% Emu Oil
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