Controversy Surrounding Hydroquinone

Controversy Surrounding Hydroquinone

Controversy Surrounding Hydroquinone

Hydroquinone is an ingredient that is controversial, but it has been used as an ingredient for skin products for over 50 years. It is considered the most effective ingredients for many products. It is especially effective for uneven skin tone, lightening skin and for dark or brown spots.

We decided to research to find out why hydroquinone is a good approach for skin lightening. The truth is that it’s considered the best ingredient for lightening the skin. This has been the thought for many years now, but if this ingredient isn’t for you, don’t worry because there are plenty of alternative options you may be interested in trying.

One of the reasons why this ingredient is controversial is because South Africa decided to ban it many years ago. The products the ingredient was found in contained stuff like glucocorticoids and mercury, as well as other contaminants that are illegal. This is probably why there were quite a few side effects associated with the products.

There are quite a few countries in the European Union that also made the decision to ban the ingredient, even when it has been formulated properly. The truth is that hydroquinone is not a dangerous ingredient. In fact, there’s plenty of research that shows it is safe and it is very effective.

Another issue that has surrounded the ingredient is that some think there is an association with long-term use of hydroquinone and exogenous ochronosis, which is a skin disorder. This is regardless that it is a rare association. Nevertheless, people are still concerned about the link.

Orchonosis happens when areas of the skin becomes darker, after the product was applied, but if you’re concerned about this happening to you, then use an alternative to the ingredient. However, it’s worth considering using hydroquinone because you might get great results. However, we do recommend that you stop using it if you notice your skin turning dark and you should contact your doctor right away.

How It Works
Hydroquinone works by preventing an excess amount of melanin from being made by the skin. If your skin produces too much melanin, then you could end up getting brown spots. The process is interrupted by hydroquinone, and eventually brown spots will start to fade.

Products available over-the-counter can sometimes contain up to 2% of hydroquinone. This is the most effective amount for over-the-counter products. If you want 4% concentrations or higher, then you will need to consult with your physician because a prescription is require.

If you use it daily, then the product that contains hydroquinone can produce results within 8-12 weeks, but it’s important that you use it on a consistent basis. This may seem like a long time to wait for results, but brown spots tend to take time to develop. In fact, they probably took a couple of years to form, so waiting 8-12 weeks is not as long as it sounds.

Getting The Most From Products
Any effective skincare routine will consist of using sun protection products or avoiding the sun at all costs. Remember, if you don’t use sunscreen on a consistent basis, then you probably won’t get good results with any skin lightening product. It is important to be obsessive with applying sunscreen, even on days that it’s raining out.

Never leave home within sunscreen and feel free to reapply it as needed. Unfortunately, this is how you get the most from skin lightening products. Research points that it is necessary to take care ofi your skin the best you can, especially when it comes to brown spots.

Make sure your hydroquinone is in an opaque container. Air exposure should be minimized too because you don’t want it to degrade over time. Plus, if it comes in a jar, it will just lose strength as air gets into it.