Emu Oil Benefits and Details

Emu Oil Benefits and Details

Emo oil is relatively new to the market, although Aboriginal Australians have been familiar with it for a very long time. The Emu is a bird that is found in Australia. The people of the country have used the meat from the bird to sustain them as well as the oil from the bird to heal them.

Emu oil is helpful in a wide variety of situations; for example, it works wonders with arthritis and skin inflammation. It is amazing, then, that the rest of the world is only now figuring out what Australians have known for many years.

The Origins Of Emu Oil

The emu bird does not fly and slightly resembles an ostrich. Emo oil comes from the fat of this bird. The emu was originally only found in Australia, but many other places in the world now raise it with the intention of profiting from it. For example, this often happens in China and India, where people enjoy eating the meat from the emu.

Emo farming is “green” in that all of the bird is used. Also, the land receives benefits from the emu, a situation that does not usually occur with other forms of livestock. However, this bird must have just the right living environment to flourish.

Why Does Emu Oil Work?

Emo oil can work deep into the skin, which is why it helps with pain and inflammation. Also, it is important to note that emo oil does not have phospholipids. Other oils, the ones that do have phospholipids, are unable to be absorbed by the skin. Emu oil is different. Because it can infiltrate the various layers of the skin, and because it does so very quickly, it has an amazing effect on joints, muscles and skin. It works better than some other oils, and it is even preferred by many to some medications. Due to the way that it works, it does not block pores or remain on the surface of the skin.

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Emu Oil Benefits and Details

What Is Emu Oil Made Up Of?

Emu oil has several different compounds, including vitamin A, an antioxidant that works wonders on the skin. It also contains oleic acid, which combats wrinkles, helps with pimples and can even reduce the appearance of scars. Finally, it has both terpenes and sapogenins.

What Can Emu Oil Help With?

1. Injuries

Australians have long used emu oil to treat burns and other skin injuries. There is even data to back up its efficiency; for example, in 2005, Chinese researchers put emu oil on the burns of more than 140 rats. They noticed that the oil seemed to keep infection at bay. Also, inflammation went down, and the healing process sped up considerably. The mice did not suffer any adverse side effects, either. There have also been studies that looked at the positive benefits of using Vitamin E and emu oil together.

2. Arthritis

Emu oil can help cut down on inflammation, which makes it beneficial to those that have muscle pain and swollen joints. Studies have also investigated whether it would be useful to use emu oil on those that have arthritis and rheumatism. A 1998 study indicated that this oil kept chronic inflammation at bay. Also, unlike medicine typically used treat arthritis, emu oil did not have any adverse side effects associated with it.

3. Skin

If you want your skin to look and feel great, try applying emu oil on a daily basis. While emu oil is known for its ability to help with chronic skin issues, many people do not realize that it is equally beneficial in helping your skin to stay healthy.

If you are looking to turn back the hands of time, look no further than emu oil. Because it contains linoleic acid, and because it has antioxidant properties, this product can help you look refreshed and younger. It is particularly beneficial for those that have noticed a difference in the way that their skin looks and feels.

In addition, emu oil helps to keep the skin safe from the sun. The Australian Aboriginals often applied emu oil when the sun was particularly damaging, and people in other countries are now doing the same thing.

4. Pimples

The makeup of emu oil consists mostly of triglyceride lipids; that means that it is very much like our skin. As a result, human skin can draw the oil down deep into its layers. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it works wonders on pimples and other skin conditions. Also, it has vitamin A and is antibacterial.

Those that apply emu oil notice a difference in their acne. They also see how it can make red skin blemishes less noticeable. Finally, it helps to moisturize the skin, and it does not block pores.

There is also evidence that emu oil can help with eczema, rosacea psoriasis, and other skin issues. Simply put this oil on the parts of your skin that need assistance. Apply it in the morning, the afternoon and the evening if you want to get good results.

5. Hair

Emu oil can work in conjunction with other products to make a difference. This is apparent when it comes to hair; you can put the oil in with your shampoo, and it will condition the hair and also take care of the scalp. Also, many people state that if you rub emu oil into your scalp, where it is balding, the hair will start to come back. There are no studies to support this up, however.

6. Pain

Both gout and arthritis are very painful conditions. Emu oil, because it is an anti-inflammatory, is helpful for sufferers of these conditions. Also, because many other helpful oils can’t penetrate the skin as well, emu oil can act as a carrier to help them absorb into the skin.

7. Bowels

You can also take emu oil internally. New research indicates that it can help with bowel problems that cause many people significant issues. For example, a study that came out in 2012 found that emu oil could help with some inflammatory bowel conditions. It also found that the oil could help with the intestinal repair. Researchers believed that emo oil could be used in addition to other treatment methods for best success.