Full Spectrum Terpene Skin Care

Full Spectrum Terpene Skin Care

We introduce to your our all new product line, “Full Spectrum Terpene Blends,” offering you an all new meaning to terpenes that are botanically derived. In the making for some time, we are proud to say that this product is the very first of its kind in our Full Spectrum OG Watermelon Skin Care Lotion and Full Spectrum Mango Kush Apple Stem Cells Anti Aging Cream are on the verge of being released. At the moment we are providing small samples, and around April 2017 we will be giving this lineup the full production.

What are the differences between the natural terpene blend and a full terpene blend? Well to be able to comprehend this, you must first understand that up until this point, on the subject of terpenes, there have only been a few categories: natural botanic terpenes, cannabis-derived, and synthetic terpenes.

Natural Botanic Terpenes

For thousands of years, these terpenes have been used inside essential oils. For hundreds of years, this industry has been developing the commercial manufacturing industry we now live in. Oils for vitamins, flavoring for food products, isolates for the production of pharmaceuticals, and of these industries are interested in consistency; this is why every single can of Pepsi you drink tastes the same.

Let’s say that the pills from an individual company came in various ratios; there would be an overflow of lawsuits. Why should we not take advantage of all the stability provided by these industries and put it towards developing the cannabis industry? For the most part, the new terpene companies that are coming into play, us included, are incorporating 10-30 terpenes inside the blends.

This is a mere fraction of the actual amounts of terpenes found inside the plant. Although a great aroma, taste and mild effect enhancements are provided with these terpene blends, for the real indie downer effect to be present and provide a real head change, a full spectrum terpene blend is required.

Cannabis-Derived Terpenes

These terpenes are believed to be the Holy Grail amongst terpenes. Although admittedly that are amazing, there are a few issues that do not allow them to be very feasible in the commercial world. For starters, although this is a pretty high amount of terpenes found in cannabis-derived terpenes, it is not possible to extract the complete spectrum of 120-200 terpenes.

Secondly, the prices associated with these terpenes are highly high and are mainly for those connoisseurs who are willing to dish out the $100 to $400 per gram. Third, when dealing with extracts from the cannabis plant, it is almost impossible to get consistency, there are way too many growing variables that will make every bottle from even the same strain taste and smell slightly different. Remember that if you are looking to become a popular brand, like Hemp Genix, the key to success is consistency in manufacturing.

And last but not least, terpenes that are cannabis-derived are pulled from a plant that is federally illegal, and as a company, it is our choice not to risk all that has been built over these past few years and opt for allowing other individuals to provide this particular service, all the more power to them.

Synthetic Terpenes

There are made from chemicals inside of a laboratory. These are avoided by almost everyone.

Full Spectrum Terpene Blends

This is an all new category which we are pleased to bring to you. Inside of everyone if the terpene blends you will experience 120-200 terpenes. A way of producing each and every terpene naturally and then blend them has been in development by a special factory. They have been hard at work in finding a way to make this possible with both consistency and quality.

These blends also go very well with all of our other blends. With the use of on 1% of these along with 3% botanical blends, the feedback received has been very positive. Why are they a bit more expensive than our regular blends? Well, they are around five times more the cost for us to produce. That being said, they are still cheaper than terpenes that are cannabis-derived and far more consistent.

So in answer to the question of what the difference is between the regular blends and this new full spectrum, well it is around 100 to 175 more terpenes.