Fundraiser for an employee in need after Hurricane Irma

Our Company HEMPGENIX is located in Doral Florida. Graciella O. is one of the many employees we have working for several years in the fullfillment portion of our warehouse. She is always happy and resilent. This last week devestation stuck as Grace experienced being evacuated from her home in Florida because of Hurricane Irma. She returned to find her home waterlogged and most of her property was completely ruined.  Grace is a single mom to two beautiful teen age children. Further disaster struck when her mother who lives in Peru passed away suddenly yesterday. She is in need of help to get her and her children to Peru for her family and to rebuild when she returns. We are matching donations 100 % as a company to make sure she has what she needs. Please send any information on what you can help with to Currently we need travel arrangements, furniture, giftcards for clothing, school supplies, food, water and temporary housing until her home is able to be restored. There are two hotels close to the Facility which have full kitchens. Element in Doral Florida is willing to house her and her children for up to 2 months at a discount. All funds raised will be given directly to Grace and her children. Thank you for helping! God Bless