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Hemp Genix Announces the Launch of Daily Hemp Oil Moisturizer

Daily CBD Moisturizer lotion cream

Hemp Genix Announces the Launch of Daily Hemp Oil Moisturizer

Where Science & Health Meet Creative Skincare

Daily Hemp Oil Moisturizer

Daily Hemp Oil Moisturizer

Miami, FL- Hem Genix is excited to announce the launch of Daily Hemp Oil Moisturizer, a delightful blend of high quality ingredients that will moisturize and rejuvenate tired skin when used daily.

The official launch date for Daily Hemp Oil Moisturizer is September 15th, 2016.

Hemp Genix believes this Daily Hemp Oil Moisturizer will be a product that will slay the market on both high quality and natural ingredients cosmetics. Combined with traditional blends, this product is unique to changing skin types. This unique blend of Hemp oil alongside traditional moisturizing ingredients provides a perfect match of both value and quality. The product is set to launch specifically as an individual or as a set in the world’s first hemp oil FULL Product cosmetic and sin care line.

In this, a phenomenal system of holistic skincare is formulated for men and women of all ages has emerged and will lead the current market in CBD oil based cosmetics. Starting at $49.99, this bottle comes in multiple ounces and sizes. Perfect to fit in your purse or travel with or in bulk for the entire family.

Hemp Oil Facts
Hemp Oil is saturated with good fatty acids, protein, Omega 3 & 6 and fiber. Many are shocked to find that it is a great source of tocopherols which is Vitamin E. This blend is rich in antioxidants as well.
Benefits for Skin
Hemp oil contains fatty acids and those are great for the sink. They nourish and when used in the correct amounts and in combination with other elements such as herbal compounds there is virtually no adverse side effects. It is long held that hemp oil will restore a youthful appearance and hydrate the skin. When used regularly and in combination with similar it can provide great anti-aging benefits. Hemp oil can help in the prevention of eczema, acne and dry skin.

This product is safe for all skin from all cultural backgrounds. A formal ribbon cutting launch party is set for later this month in Miami Florida.

About Hemp Genix
Hemp Genix is Cos Pro Labs Retail Brand. Our Ownership have been in combined 80+ years of combined Manufacturing and retail management space. Specifically, in Manufacturing Supplements and dietary products.
Hemp Genix came from seeing many low quality products and a lack of high quality CBD Cosmetics and Oils. We are proud to offer the largest line of CBD Oil Cosmetics in the Country.
Contact Information:

PO Box 667988
Miami, Florida 33166 USA
Phone:1 877-959-9946


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