As said, there are many different methods in which one can consume our CBD crystals. The desired effect can be adjusted by changing the amount of Hemp Genix CBD Crystals used. It is always best to start out at the lowest recommended dosage and slowly adjust the amount up or down as needed.

Oral Consumption (Tincture Drops)

The most common use for the crystals is in its unchanged kind. One simply residence the preferred dosage under the tongue and allow it to dissolve. This is the quickest direction to get the CBD into one’s organisation. It often takes up to 60 seconds for the CBD Crystals to wholly dissolve.

Sublingual ingestion allows the compound to enter the system through the salivary glands, bypassing the internal organs and registering immediately into the bloodstream.

Although this allows the quickest systemic influence, it also has the least continue effectiveness day. Outcomes are mentioned much quicker, but do not last-place as long as when being implemented in some other methods.

Vaping CBD Crystals (CBD Vape Oils)

The use of Electonic vaporizers has become very commonplace among today’s society for home use. Vaping has now come change inhaling for numerous Americans. Vape pens and other various apparatuses are readily available for acquire by the general public at most places where cigarettes are sold. CBD can be added to one’s current smoking method. Adding it to a joint or bowl allows one to feel almost immediate results. Adding CBD to edibles is recommended to experience a more prolonged effect. Another way to use the crystals is when they are mixed with topicals, especially for the treatment of superficial conditions.

When you’re interested in buying one of the following options apparatuses make sure to buy one that offers solid tone and a assurance. Further, it is also possible to make one’s own CBD vape oil use Hemp Genix CBD Crystals.


Dabbing CBD Crystals

We have noticed that a lot of our followers (us included) prefer to dab their crystals. Dabbing is an effective and simple method to consume the product.

CBD Soft Gels

Taking your CBD with caps is a very effective way. If you want to do so make sure that you have special caps that open in the gut otherwise the effect will vanish.



CBD Shatter

These are the most relevant options. Let us know how you like to use it, another patient might benefit greatly from it. We will publish a review and how to on our Youtube-channel soon, make sure to like and subscribe. Check out Hemp Genix here.


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