Is Hemp CBD Oil A Good Topical for Acne?

Is Hemp CBD Oil A Good Topical for Acne?

Is Hemp CBD Oil A Good Topical for Acne?

Across the United States, acne is a top skin condition, impacting about 50 million people on an annual basis. While this is a condition that is usually associated with puberty, there are actually 85% of the population of those who are between the ages of 12 to 24 who are expected to go through minor acne that may even persist into their adult years. Acne is very visible, leading to psychological issues like anxiety and depression. With cruel irony, the use of some of the drugs that are marketed for treating acne are also linked to thoughts of suicide. There is an increased need for natural treatments to help with acne that are able to take on the underlying cause of acne without all of the toxic side effects. Hemp could be such a natural alternative.

One of the causes of acne is the over production of sebum, which is an oily substance that maintains the condition of the skin. If you have noticed that the soles of your feet and the palms of your hands get wrinkly after being wet for a long time, it is because they are the portions of the body where there are no sebaceous glands on the skin. AEA is a cannabinoid that works to stimulate the production of sebum in the body at low levels, but also reduces the number of the cells producing sebum at high levels as well. In a recent study, CBD or cannabidiol at the concentration of 10-20 uM has the ability to block the stimulation of sebum production by arachidonate and AEA. Arachidonate is an inflammatory substance that is produced from omega-6 fats. All on its own, it does not impact sebum.

Acne Formulation – Mild To Severe

Formation of Acne – Source, OpenStax College

At higher doses of around 30-50 uM, the CBD had effects that were destructive against some of the cells that produce sebum, which increased with the presence of AEA. This had been found to be the cause of the effect of the CBD on the receptor known as TRPV4. This is part of the family of receptors that work to control pain sensation. The results will mean that CBD can be a good treatment for acne due to its ability to get easily absorbed into the skin and due the the method being able to bypass the issues with absorption, as well as unwanted patterns of distribution and liver metabolism.

Along with CBD, there are some terpenes that are present in hemp that can be very effective on acne. Other underlying facets are infections, usually with propionbacterium acne, along with inflammation. In other studies, the two essential oils that are made up of limonene, which is also found in hemp, have been able to inhibit these P. acnes much more effectively than triclosan, which is a common antiseptic. The MIC, or mean inhibitory concentration, of these was the 0.31 uL/mL, while the linalool, which is another terpene found in hemp, had a MIC of around .625 uL/mL.

Both of these are able to inhibit the tumor necrosis factor produced by the P. acnes. Many people are now looking to the use of hemp oil, or CBD, to help them with cutting back on the production of acne and other acne related issues.