Medical Marijuana CBD Oil VS Hemp CBD Oil

Medical Marijuana CBD Oil VS Hemp CBD Oil

Although the internet is an excellent source of information, some bits of data and information online cannot be trusted. For instance, lots of the info on CBD oil circulating online isn’t true. Many consumers today have questions and concerns on the difference between CBD oil extracted from medical marijuana and that derived from hemp.

Marijuana and hemp have many similarities, which do not come as a surprise for many cannabis consumers. Both products come from the cannabis sativa l plant, hence the resemblance. Digging deeper into similarities and differences between the two, however, reveals some astonishing findings.


Marijuana is a plant (cannabis) commonly known and harvested for its psychoactive and euphoric properties. These properties are what gets consumers to feel stoned or high after smoking weed. While the stalks and fibers of the marijuana plant don’t serve any purpose commercially, the plant is mainly cultivated for its flowers. The flowers contain the highest concentrations of THC, hence more valuable than the rest of the plant.

Marijuana is often grown in controlled conditions indoors where temperature, light, and humidity levels are carefully monitored to help maximize THC levels in the flowers. Male marijuana plants are also eliminated in the garden to prevent pollination/fertilization from happening. Pollination is known to lower THC concentrations in the flowers, hence greatly discouraged.

To improve THC concentrations in marijuana, selective breeding is recommended, with specific strains of marijuana used. Naturally, marijuana contains higher concentrations of THC than CBD. Due to the significantly elevated levels of THC, marijuana use or possession remains a crime in many states. Some states, however, have legalized the used of medical marijuana for medicinal or recreational use.

Hemp, unlike marijuana, is mainly growth and harvested commercially for its stalks and seeds. The stems, including seeds, are used to produce various products. These include medicine, nutritional supplements, food, paper, textile, body care products, plastic composites, biofuels, and building materials.

Another difference between hemp and marijuana is that hemp thrives kinda well in natural conditions, with pollination greatly encouraged. This is to say; both female and male hemp plants are allowed on the same farm or garden to encourage pollination, hence increased seed production. In addition to this, the hemp plant can grow tall and sturdy attaining heights up to 4 meters and doesn’t need pesticides or herbicides to thrive.

Hemp, unlike marijuana, contains less than 0.3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) per dry weight. Any product with concentrations of THC more than the legal limit is illegal. Nonetheless, with THC at such low levels, it’s almost impossible for hemp users to get stoned or high under any circumstances.

In addition to this, hemp naturally contains high concentrations of cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is safe for human consumption as it doesn’t have any psychoactive properties. Anyone (including children) can, therefore, use CBD oil with no fear of side effects.

Hemp VS Marijuana CBD Oil: Which Should You Buy?
There’s a common misconception that CBD oil from marijuana is more potent than one extracted from the hemp plant. While some medical marijuana strains may contain more CBD oil per dry weight when compared to hemp, the oil properties and composition is quite similar.

Hemp varieties, however, grow much faster than marijuana plants. For this reason, a hemp farmer can grow and harvest hemp twice or thrice per season, while a marijuana farmer will have to wait until the end of the season to harvest. This thus creates a more environmentally conscious and sustainable product per season. In addition to this, the multiple harvests translate to more hemp products, hence more profitable for the farmer.

It’s worth noting that, all cannabis plants are bioaccumulators. This is to say, both hemp and marijuana absorb and collects contaminants. In other words, marijuana grown with herbicides and pesticides absorbs most of these chemicals into the system, hence making it dangerous for the consumer. Hemp, on the other hand, doesn’t need a controlled environment or herbicides/pesticides to thrive. A cleanly grown hemp plant is therefore free of some of these bio-agents as compared to marijuana grown in controlled environments.

For this reason, Hempgenix CBD hemp oil is free of all the toxic chemicals used in farms. This includes chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. In addition to this, the oil is extracted using ethanol or supercritical CO2 process; an FDA approved and safe extraction method. All hemp products from our store are quadruple Lab tested. They are tested during cultivation, extraction, during shelving, and tested once the manufacturing process is done to ascertain the quality. All these tests are meant to help protect consumers from potential health risks.

Although some CBD oil users believe CBD hemp oil is produced from industrial hemp, there is nothing ‘dirty’ about industrial hemp. As mentioned earlier, hemp is purer and cleaner when compared to medical marijuana products.

According to Franjo Grotenhermen ¬¬ (International Association for Cannabinoid Medicine), CBD molecular structure remains the same regardless of where it’s extracted from. The human body doesn’t care where the molecule comes from for as long as its structure is the same. The same argument can be said about water from a kitchen tap and straight from the river; the molecules are still the same. There’s, therefore, no need for concern over which variant of CBD oil is safer than the other.

As outlined by Sanjay Gupta in CNN’s special weed, CBD depends on other compounds found in cannabis to be effective. In other words, you cannot manufacture CBD oil from the labs (synthetic) and expect it to have the same effects and benefits as its organic variant. It also goes without saying that, CBD oil still contains elements of THC and CBD, as well as terpenes. Whatever your needs are, CBD oil from medical marijuana and hemp have almost similar properties and composition. While hemp CBD oil is considerably purer and cleaner, both serve their purpose pretty well. It all depends on what is available from your supplier.