Natural CBD Vape Oil (Eliquid, eJuice) By Hempgenix

Natural CBD Vape Oil (Eliquid, eJuice) By Hempgenix

CBD Vape Oil

Natural CBD Vape Oil (Eliquid, eJuice)

Hempgenix is very happy to announce that our new formulation of CBD Vape Oil 1500mg and 550mg only uses natural ingredients. (Usually vape oil is used inside of a vaporizer pen and is also called eliquid, ejuice, juice or vaporizer oil) Our vaporizer oil uses a 10-15% Vape Flavor with 30VG and 70PG Blend.

Our proprietary formulation has no hard hits and is easy on your lungs.

A majority of vape oils use some Propylene Glycol in addition to Vegetable Glycerine. Whenever it is blended in this way, it makes a VG/PG base.

Hempgenix continuously works to bring our customers only the most natural, freshest and best hemp oil products. We understand you want to use CBD for your well-being, so you don’t want to add something like propylene glycol that isn’t natural to your body. That doesn’t make any sense.

However, there are even more reasons why Hempgenix Hemp Vape Oil with CBD should be appreciated.

CBD Vape Oil

CBD Vape Oil 1500mg Razzleberry

We make our juice with extra that comes from very high-grade hemp plants that are grown at Specialty Farms in the USA for custom manufacturing. A majority of brands use extracts that come from Industrial Grade Hemp that is produced overseas somewhere. Our extracts come to the finest quality hemp plants that are grown in the state of Colorado in the USA.

Why vaporize CBD instead of ingesting it? There have been numerous individuals who have reported that when they inhale it, they feel the effects a lot faster compared to taking it orally (ingesting it). That is one of the reasons. Another reason is that numerous individuals who are in the process of trying to stop smoking using the products to take the edge from their anxiety over quitting smoking. When it is taken in this form, it mimics their prior habit, which makes it easier for them to transition to leading a smoke-free life. These products also give people something to do throughout their day, which is another reason why some many people like vaping. Instead of having one large serving first thing it in the morning, it can be spread out over the day and delivered systematically all day long to their bodies.

Hempgenix CBD Vape Oil (eJuice)

There is one thing that you will need to be aware of, and that is that high-quality CBD (Hemp) vape juices such as ours have high amounts of organic plant compounds in them. Therefore, you need to have a cartridge that has heating elements to handle the richness over the long term. There are many cartridges that burn out fast unless they can handle that amount of rich compounds. Therefore, when you are looking for a vape oil cartridge to buy, make sure you ask for one that can handle rich compounds without quickly burning out.