Oral CBD Spray

Oral CBD Spray

Delivers a high level dose of Pure 100% USA Colorado CBD hemp-derived CBD into your system with each spray, allowing for the most effective and quickest absorption. CBD is known to help with pain management, inflammation, arthritis, Sleep Support and stress and anxiety! See we don’t use an all in one spray and say it works for all these as do many other companies. We have formulated each one specifically to meet the needs that the label says.

Oral CBD Spray

There’s no better way to obtain a controlled, Pure 100% USA Colorado CBD Oil concentrated Oral Spray of CBD Hemp Genex’s Line of CBD Oral Sprays. They Include: Weightloss CBD Spray, Energy & Focus CBD Spray, Anti-stress CBD Spray, Pain Relief CBD Spray, and Sleep Support CBD Spray. With this remarkably convenient product you don’t have to measure out any cannabidiol, only number of sprays. –

Oral CBD Spray


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CBD Weightloss Oral Spray, CBD Energy Oral Spray, CBD Sleep Oral Spray, CBD Pain Relief Oral Spray, CBD Anti Stress oral Spray