Phytoceramides Skin Care

Phytoceramides Skin Care

Phytoceramides Skin Care

Ever since receiving high praise from Dr. Oz as something of a fountain of youth, the popularity of phytoceramide has shot into the stratosphere. It seems every other entity of the health community was quick to jump on board. With that said, what exactly are phytoceramide?

Phytoceramides are molecules derived from plants that can replace your lost ceramides. As a result, the skin regains its original structure. Wrinkles are substantially filled right in. Of course, that also begs the question: what is a ceramide?

Ceramides are a form of lipids (or fat) that can be found throughout the body. They occur naturally in areas such as the skin, scalp, and even bones. Just think of the concept of a brick wall; it’s much the same. Each block is held together one by one thanks to the mortar. Ceramides act as the mortar that binds the skin together. Ceramides comprise around 40 percent of your skin’s overall structure. You begin losing them with age, the result of which can be seen in the formation of wrinkles, sun spots, and so on.

Phytoceramides According To Dr. Oz & The FDA

Despite the fact that the focus on the external, healthy skin starts from within. It’s easy to ignore that since so much of the spotlight is given to external aesthetics alone. Thanks to praise from the likes of Dr. Oz, the usefulness in phytoceramide for restoring youth from the inside out has gained more traction. You take the oral supplements, making them something of a “fake facelift.” Phytoceramides have strong molecules that begin working on your damaged skin instantly. Your skin will be moisturized, restored, strengthened, and even visibly filled in. You’ll even be less prone to sun damage and dry air when you’re taking phytoceramide. Your skin will look noticeably more vibrant as well. Once word began to spread after Dr. Oz’s claims that phytoceramide can take at least a decade off of your appearance, the product naturally flew into high demand.

As far as the FDA goes, they have determined phytoceramide completely safe to use. They published a lengthy analysis in 2004 that established the overall safety of any related products since they occur naturally in the skin and even a wide variety of foods. It’s worth noting that phytoceramide has been used safely in regions such as Japan for the last decade. That said, there aren’t any particular products that have been deemed more worthy than the rest.

The Benefits Of Using Phytoceramides

• Reduction of wrinkles and lines. Phytoceramides visibly fill these in.

• Reduced hyper-pigmentation. Your complexion will be evened out thanks to the restorative properties.

• Strengthened skin barrier. Your skin will be less likely to take damage from the sun or weather.

• Improved retention of moisture. Your skin will take in moisture and hold on to it for a longer amount of time.

That only scratches the surface. There are also some intangible elements at play with phytoceramide. Apparently, the product makes people look younger. In turn, that gives them confidence which can easily lead to improvements in other avenues of their lives as well.

The convenience of using phytoceramide is remarkable. They can be taken with a little capsule. Usage can be worked into any current routine without much hassle, and there are no known allergic reactions or other worries.

Examples include a product like Phyto350, which quickly absorbs into the blood. The results are highly effective since this leads to a cellular change. The skin will immediately take on all of the benefits listed above, starting right from the blood molecules.

Choosing Your Phytoceramide Supplement

There are a few key factors to look out for when choosing your preferred phytoceramide supplement:

• Dosage. According to Dr. Oz, you need to use a dosage of at least 350mg. The results should hit their maximum within a month.

• Money back guarantees. You should make sure to look for phytoceramide supplements that allow you to receive your money back after a trial run, just in case you aren’t satisfied.

• Solid reputation. There are a lot of people trying to jump on this bandwagon right now. You need to research the brand you go with first and make sure they’re getting good reviews.

• Added vitamins. You should also make sure you choose a phytoceramide supplement boosted with extra skin-friendly vitamins such as vitamin C and A.