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ProVerde Laboratories

Proverde LAbs logoProVerde Laboratories, our exclusive processing and laboratory testing partner, will operate a first-rate processing facility and laboratory at AMMD’s cultivation site.

ProVerde is one of the world’s leading medical cannabis processing and testing laboratories.  As an ISO-17025 accredited laboratory, ProVerde has written the State-mandated regulations for medical cannabis processing in several newly legalized States.

ProVerde provides AMMD with concrete data from medical cannabis analytics to ensure the production of safe and effective evidence-based products.  In addition to a full suite of testing services, ProVerde performs cannabinoid purification/isolation allowing AMMD to create custom blends of cannabinoids suited to treat particular disease processes.  In addition, ProVerde has exclusive relationships with several medical cannabis research and development vendors and has granted AMMD exclusive access to revolutionary medical devices and technologies.

AMMD’s Medical Products:

Ready Dose Infusions (RDI): Concentrated extract will be formulated with an approved excipient, such as glycerin or vegetable oil (typically olive oil, coconut oil, or hemp seed oil), and packaged into an oral syringe which has graduated markings.  This type of formulation has proven to be very beneficial for young children, where the graduated markings on the syringe facilitate dosing titration, and allow the medication to be administered either directly (orally) or mixed into food products.  The oral syringe format facilitates routine adjustment of the doses in small increments, which is critical for younger children.

Tinctures: Extract will be formulated as above, with an approved excipient such as glycerin, and filled into a glass bottle with a dropper for dosing.  Like all formulations, various cannabinoid profiles and potencies can be prepared to meet specific patient needs.

Capsules/Gel-Caps: Extract will be formulated as above, with approved excipients such as raw coconut oil as the carrier, and filled into a gelatin capsule.  Like all formulations, various cannabinoid profiles and potencies can be prepared to meet specific patient needs.

Tablets: Our advanced tableting technology will bring innovative relief through the use of enzymatically controlled formulations specific to certain diseases and conditions targeting specific places in the digestive tract to release medicine into the body.  Extract would be formulated as above, with approved excipients for tableting.  Advances in tableting formulation permit production of controlled release dosing, such as an extended release formulation.  Like all formulations, various cannabinoid profiles and potencies can be prepared to meet specific patient needs.  This is a unique product exclusive to AMMD which we will be bringing to the Maryland marketplace.

Vaporizing Products: Extract will be formulated with natural cannabis terpene constituents.  Formulation with combinations of these terpenes can be used to fine tune the users experience, producing differences in flavors as well as physiological response.

Lotions/Salves: This method will provide for delivery directly to surface of the body.  Extract will be formulated with traditional skin care products and ingredients for topical application. This approach allows for the active ingredients to be applied directly to the affected area.  The skin is lined with CB1 & CB2 receptors so topical application of has been shown to heal dry skin condition like psoriasis, dermatitis, and dissolve some cancers.  It has also shown relief in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, muscle spasm, itchy skin, bug bites, neck and back pain, headaches.  Our topical solutions will be formulated as: CBD only, regular strength; low CBD low THC and extra strength; and high THC high CBD for deep chronic pain.

Original Source: Alternative Medicine Maryland

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