Why Retinols Are So Effective Against Anti-Aging

Why Retinols Are So Effective Against Anti-Aging

Why Retinols Are So Effective Against Anti-Aging

Out of all anti-aging ingredients that are currently available in today’s market, the only ones that have been scientifically proven to work at the molecular level are retinoids and Apple Stem Cells.

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Retinoids are prescription-strength ingredients such as tazarotene or tretinoin. They have 25 years worth of scientific evidence that supports the effects it provides. Retinol is a gentle cousin of retinoids, which is what is contained in over-the-counter products. They aren’t as strong and so don’t deliver the same results that a prescription-strength cream does. However, there is also plenty of scientific evidence proving that they useful.

Dermatologists highly recommend retinoids because it is the only ingredient that has been proven to improve photo damaged and aged skin’s cellular function. It helps to diminish brown spots and improve wrinkles and skin texture. Overall, it provides the skin with a healthy glow. Whenever I meet in consultation with a new patient, I always can tell if they have used the retinoid for some years; their skin will have a specific luminosity to it that comes only when retinoid is applied over the long-term.

Retinoids work at the molecular level since retinoid receptors are contained in skin cells that help to regulate specific functions. These functions deteriorate with sun damage and age. Using retinoids on a regular basis helps with normalizing the functions. Retinoids help to reduce dark spots and improve skin texture to speed skill cell turnover up that slow down as you grow older. They minimize pores and reduce blackheads, with both of them worsening when exposed to too much sun. However, the most potent effects that retinoids provide are on collagen, which is the major building block of your skin. There is a dual effect from Retinoids: They help with stimulating new collagen production in addition to helping to decrease collagen breakdown due to sun exposure through preventing an increase in the enzyme collagenase.

Given that retinoids are the most potent available anti-aging ingredient, it is recommended for nearly every type of skin. However, they can be quite irritating. That is why it is best to begin slowing by using a non-prescription cream that contains retinol.

Retinol is a less-aggressive alternative to prescription-strength tretinoin. Also, its effectiveness has been proven by scientific evidence. It is best to start these creams at one time every other night, using a small amount for your entire face. If you use too much, it will increase irritation instead of effectiveness. It is essential that you utilize a moisturizer while your skin is becoming used to retinol (takes typically around two weeks) since dryness may become a problem. Newer product formulations have unique emollient ingredients and controlled delivery systems to help with reducing irritation. It is mandatory to use a sunblock in the morning since these products make your skin a bit more sensitive to the sun.

It is best to use retinol and retinoids at night since they are photo-activated, which means they will be broken down by direct sunlight, making them less effective. There is 1% retinol contained in the most efficient over-the-counter products (but they should be 0.5% at least).

What I like a prescription is tretinoin 0.05%. Whenever I see a patient, usually I start them on an over-the-counter retinol product, and then over time increase the strength slowly until they use a prescription.

There isn’t any reason to initially be too aggressive since that can result in excessive irritation, and frequently the individual might stop using their cream (when the only thing they needed to do was to get their skin more time to get accustomed to it). The most effective way of using retinoids is to take them over several years or even decades.

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