**Review-CBD Pet Treats Help Stop Dogs Seizures

**Review-CBD Pet Treats Help Stop Dogs Seizures

So we do not get many customer whom write reviews however Colin said we could share and I asked for pictures as well and he did!

Here is the response from his email and the review is below that!

Here’s a few pics you can use whichever you think is best for the blog.  And thanks for the response you guys are pretty killer with the customer service. I had an order come in short a couple bags of treats this morning and I ended talking to Bruce Hutson he was wicked helpful n very informative.  I definitely appreciate what you guys are doing its made a huge difference in my dogs life.  I’ve also been given em to my friends jack Russel who has problems with anxiety and being aggressive and they seem to be working for him too he’s starting to get along with other dogs better.

Many thanks

Actual Review:

I have a 7 year old pug who’s been having seizures for the majority of his life, I’ve taken him to multiple vets and they told me they cant do anything to treat them other than make him comfortable when he’s on his death bed. Since I’ve started giving him CBD I haven’t seen a single seizure. Not one. Not only that but its helped out huge with his separation anxiety he’s no longer trashing the house when i leave and seems happier and more content in general. He is literally like a whole new dog. He also has skin problems and allergic to wheat so its awesome that they are made with rice. I cant express how grateful i am to have found these treats. They are the cheapest and most effective CBD treats that i have been able to find anywhere

Colin- we are so happy these treats are working out for your fur baby and thank you for sharing your story with us and our customers.

Team Hemp Genix