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We provide the highest quality USA CBD Oil. CBD Oil is still a very new product and we are committed to the Research and Development with our in house team and chemists.

Over the last few years, HEMP GENIX CBD OILS has dedicated resources towards the development of our own, unique botanical extraction process, and likewise our own, unique CBD improved cannabis strain.

HEMP GENIX CBD OILS currently has a patent pending with the United States Trademark and Patent Commission for both its botanical extraction process and its CBD improved cannabis tighten announced Genesis I.

HEMP GENIX CBD OILS is expected to continue to dedicate financial resources and coin towards the research and development of its remedy, as well as the documentation of the positive medical advantages its patients undergo. We are not only documenting each of our patient's medical events on a client by client basis, but we are also begging assistance by major California universities and private investors for the funding of clinical trials.

It is our objective that on the day the FDA lowers the medicine scheduling of cannabis, HEMP GENIX CBD OILS will have enough of its own documented research to procure FDA approval for federal testing

All our materials and oils come from the United States including our hemp plants.

Our in hosue chemists is also partners with Hemp genix to provide not just the highest quality skin care products with CBD but simply the highest quality skin care products

CBD Oil Spray Pain Relief
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Hemp Genix CBD Skin Care products
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Hemp Genix CBD Skin Care products
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