Should You Use CBD As A Part Of Your Skin Care Routine?

Should You Use CBD As A Part Of Your Skin Care Routine?

Should You Use CBD As A Part Of Your Skin Care Routine?

Regardless of whether you’re suffering from eczema or acne, it can be a battleground to understand how to treat your troubled skin. There are thousands of methods one can try from face washes to over-the-counter methods to prescription medications and even supplements. For many, these are enough to give them trouble free skin, for others, it can be much more challenging. Thankfully, for all of those who are suffering from such conditions, there are other solutions such as Cannabis. Is it for you?

What is CBD?

CBD- cannabidiol is the most prominent naturally-occurring cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, it constitutes up to 40% of the plant. It is one of the over 80 different compounds in the cannabis. CBD is anti-psychotic, neuroprotective, anxiolytic, anti- depressant and other effects. It also has a lot of significant medical benefits; it is also the reason for a different perspective on marijuana as a relevant instrument in healthcare and skincare.

Skin Care Potential Of Cannabis

It should come as no shock that there are many great skin care benefits of cannabis. As an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant, it also helps with the signs of aging. Additionally, hemp seed oil has large amounts of Omega 3s and Omega 6 fatty acids which give skin more protection and more moisture to help prevent sun damage. The endocannabinoid system has many cannabinoid receptors, and many of these are found in the skin itself. Various molecules in the cannabis like the CBD and the THC interact with the endocannabinoid system to create positive effects.

Naturally, skin care uses lots of topicals to help reduce the signs of aging. Smoke, regardless of the type, can have seriously harmful effects on the skin. In fact, if you’re considering your skin, it’s wise to avoid any smoke. If you’re considering cannabis, it’s wiser to use the vaping products or the edibles for skin benefits. If your goal is targeted healing, there are many great topical products that you can consider to help reduce the signs of aging and they also work as anti-inflammatories.

How To Treat Skin Conditions With Cannabis

Many studies have shown the potential for cannabis skin care products. The use of topical cannabis products is still obscure.

In the year 2015, Casey Scalf suddenly developed a severe case of dermatitis on his face. It was a reaction to tea tree oil. After two weeks he sought a dermatologist who gave him a prescription for steroid and anti-fungal creams. Initially, this brought relief, however, it was short lived, and it returned even worse than before.

He returned to the dermatologist, and this time the dermatologist prescribed an antiseborrheic cream. He was told to stop the previously prescribed creams as they could cause scars. Alarmed at what he had learned, he decided to do some research before taking this prescription.

His research led him to CBD oil, and he tried that instead. He purchased activated pure CBD oil and mixed it with a 1:1 ratio with an organic coconut oil and applied it to his skin after a hot shower. He gently applied the mixture until his skin absorbed it fully. It didn’t burn, and it wasn’t irritating his eyes as the previous creams had. He noted that the rash didn’t sting at all.

For a week Scalf continued his treatment of CBD oil mixed with coconut oil. He was diligent in his applications, and by the 7th day, he noted that the dermatitis was completely gone from his face.

Just nine months later he published his findings in September of 2015. Nearly a year later he updated his condition and stated that it’s been clear ever since. It hasn’t come back, and he hasn’t relapsed at all. He was amazed at how his skin had cleared so quickly. Unlike the other creams that the doctor had prescribed, he was healed and had no adverse side effects.

While Scalf believes his recipe could work for other conditions like acne or warts, he hasn’t heard of anyone else using this formula. That said, it’s not too far fetched to see the myriad of benefits of the cannabis and hemp seed oil on the skin.

A Market That’s Ripe For Cannabis Skin Care Products

The case of Scalf shows that there is a tremendous potential for CBD and its ability to cure contact dermatitis. However, there are many other great examples. It has shown significant benefits for psoriasis thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties. There are countless stories of the benefits of cannabis as a treatment for eczema to acne.

When considering how common skin conditions are, it’s become evident that there are safe and efficient treatments in spite of the fact that the general population isn’t using them. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, there are 50 million in America that will be affected annually by acne. While the majority of these sufferers are under the age of 24 years old, there is an additional 15 percent who are over that age. There are reports that the current treatments currently exceed $3 billion. That’s just for acne; it doesn’t encompass dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema treatments. Combined, the statistics show that there are millions who have other conditions that raise the dollar amount even higher. It’s a sad fact that many are suffering from skin conditions. Skin care remedies are a multi billion dollar industry and intensely sought after.

Should You Use CBD As A Part Of Your Skin Care Routine?

The skin care industry is a market that has become over-saturated with a variety of creams, pills and face washes that are all promoted as healing for acne, psoriasis, and eczema. There are many prescriptions and over-the-counter remedies that people seek to treat such conditions. The truth is, there aren’t any guarantees that one product will work over another.

However, as more studies are being undertaken, cannabis skin care is beginning to emerge as a way to treat the conditions that are plaguing many. Surely it will include many products that are creams and balms and have a variety of skin care oils that work in conjunction with cannabis. Skin care products are changing to meet the needs of users of all ages. Whether it’s CBD, or THC or a combination of both these products are fast becoming the wave of the future and more luxurious than ever before. Used alone or in combination with other skin care products, more people than ever before are finding them relief for their skin care issues.