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Skin Care Benefits When Using CBD Hemp Oil

Skin Care Benefits When Using CBD Hemp Oil

Skin Care Benefits When Using CBD Hemp Oil

Benefits associated with hemp oil and what is can provide to the hair and skin when applied in a topical method is bountiful. Below are a few ways that hemp oil is able to enhance overall health when it comes to the hair and the skin.

Hemp oil consists of various components that include cannabinoids such as CBD (cannabidiol), minerals and vitamins that have significant health benefits. When applied topically, the product is absorbed in a direct manner into the skin. The cannabinoid receptors which are positioned throughout the skin make CBD one of those potential therapies for many conditions that include dry skin onto more serious issues such as skin cancer. When applied to these troubled areas, CBD hemp oil will work where it is needed and will not be absorbed by the bloodstream.


The most overlooked factor in association to healthy hair and skin is based on nutrition. Just like other body parts, the hair and the skin need the correct amount of minerals and vitamins in order to function optimally. In addition, Wholesale CBD Oil consists of other important essential nutrients that include fatty acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins.

Hemp is significantly ubiquitous when it comes to hair care as it is full of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. This makes it the ideal emollient to smooth and soften the hair. The fatty acids will also assist in regenerating the protective outer-layer of the skin leaving it younger and smoother. Individuals who suffer from dry skin and acne may lack omega 3 fatty acids in the diet.


Acne is a very frustrating condition and surprisingly high among adults. Over and above the typical natural causes, the condition known as acne is also brought about by a change in medication, hormone changes, stress and even the skin products that are currently used. Acne is associated with sebum overproduction which is a type of oily substance that plays the role of protecting the skin. The glands found in the skin known as the sebaceous glands are responsible for producing fatty oils known as lipids. These lipids perform many functions that include the creation of a barrier to the skin in order to keep out viruses and bacteria as well as waterproofing and lubricating the skin and the hair. Hair follicles and sebaceous glands contain the endocannabinoid receptors that mean that the way they function is affected by the cannabinoids.

The production of lipids plays a very important role in eczema which is associated with under production and acne which is associated with over production. When it comes to acne the oil, bacteria, dead skin-cells and dirt clog the pores that causes the inflamed blemishes to appear on the surface of the skin. CBD is useful in affecting the output of these oils in the hair and the skin. It specifically inhibits lipid production which makes it a preventive and effective solution for acne. It can also be manipulated in order to increase sebum production to assist with conditions such as eczema or dry skin problems.

Skin Care Benefits When Using CBD Hemp Oil

Skin Care Benefits When Using CBD Hemp Oil

Skin Care Benefits When Using CBD Hemp Oil

Skin Conditions

Even though CBD hemp oil has proven to be effective in various cbd beauty products such as acne relief and anti-aging, the elements found in the hemp oil hold a promise in treating various other severe type skin conditions.

In a recent study, on CBG (cannabigerol) and CBD, it was discovered that they can control cell differentiation and proliferation that shows it can be useful for treating skin diseases such as cancer or allergies. CBD oil also works on moles, warts and HPV outbreaks as it causes the death of the cells in abnormal growing cell-groups.

The eczema known as atopic dermatitis has been proven to improve after a treatment using hemp oil.  Even though the causes related to atopic dermatitis are still classified as unknown many researchers and doctors believe it is a form of an allergic response which causes inflammation in the form of a rash on the skin. Cannabinoids works in association to its anti-inflammatory effects and immune-system regulation.

CBD has recently been proven to be effective in the way of controlling types of skin cancers such as melanoma. This is due to its ability to control the growth of cells and cause cell death in abnormal cells.