Swiss Apple Stem Cells Cream

Swiss Apple Stem Cells Cream

When you learn the science behind stem cells, it will be easier for you to know and understand the benefits.

Stem Cells And Longevity

You will find that longevity will be related to individual cells known as stem cells that come with unique growth characteristics. Such cells will make identical copies of themselves while also splitting to become specialized, separate cells. The two basic kinds of stem cells that are present in the body include:

Embryonic Stem Cells – These are cells found in the blastocysts, the structures located within the pre-embryonic stage, that can grow and then differentiate into some 220 different cell types that work to make up the human body.

Adult Stem Cells – These are cells found in some adult tissues that are only able to separate into their own, or into related cell types. The cells act as a sort of repair system for the human body but also work to maintain average turnover of the regenerative organs like skin, intestinal tissues or blood.

Research On Stem Cells And Their Applications

In medicine, the adult stem cells are being used for transplant medicine for the treatment of severe burns and leukemia. In cosmetics, scientists have been looking at focusing on the use of adult stem cells in the skin about their function and the aging process. Such research is helping people to understand how skin stem cells can be protected.

Human Skin Stem Cells

Regarding the human skin, there are different kinds of stem cells that have been identified:

Epithelial Skin Stem Cells – These are located within the basal layer of the epidermis of the skin.
Hair Bulge Stem Cells – These are located within the hair follicle.

Epidermal/Skin stem cells work to maintain and replenish the overall balance of the cells that are in the skin tissues, regenerating tissue that becomes damaged during injury. With age, the count of skin stem cells will decrease, along with their ability to repair the skin.

Using Plant Stem Cells For Protecting Skin Stem Cells

Plant stems cells are known to be totipotent, which means that each cell will have the ability to regenerate new organs, such as leaves, seeds, and flowers, or sometimes the entire plant. All of the plant cells can differentiate to become a stem cell. All of the stem cells, regardless of their origin, will contain certain epigenetic factors that function to maintain the capacity for stem cell self-renewal. Apple Stem Cell Cream with CBD Oil

The Anti-Wrinkle Effect

Apple Stem Cells and their anti-wrinkle effect was evaluated as part of a study including 20 volunteers that range in age from 37 to 64. Using an emulsion that contains 2% of CBD ASC from Hemp Genix was, it was applied two times a day for 28 days to each person’s crow’s feet. The wrinkle depth had been measured using PRIMOS, which stands for phase-shifting rapid in-vivo measurement of skin. The results were able to show a visible, significant decrease in the depth of the wrinkles for all of the subjects in the study.

The Age Aging Effect

The hair follicles are mini-organs that represent the natural combination of the epidermal and melanocyte cells that are located in the stem cells. These follicles can be maintained in a kind of growth medium where they will elongate until around day 14. The follicle cells will gradually become senescent in nature or undergo what is known as apoptosis. This is where they will deteriorate and begin to die, caused by the lack of circulation of the blood.

The human hair follicles were isolated and then incubated using the extract. The addition of just .2% of the extract showed a slight, yet precise, delay in deterioration and necrosis. The follicles kept within the presence of the extract of the Malus Domestica stem cell kept on elongating until the 18th day, where the control follicles began to shrink after around day 14.

Stem Cell Growth Maintenance

Using an in vitro test on blood stem cells using the extract, the influence of the stem cell extract and the growth of blood stem cells had been an evaluation by counting all of the cells after incubation. The results were able to show that the extract has a positive impact on the growth of stem cells, thus helping to maintain the growth of the stem cells, along with the proliferative activity.

Protection Against UV Radiation

Further testing was done on the blood stem cells. The stem cell extract and the protective effect against UV damage were evaluated using scientific analysis. The cells had been incubated using different concentrations of the extract for 24 hours and then exposed to UV radiation. The study measured some cells that were still living, and the damage from UV was tested 48 hours after the UV radiation. Results were able to show the capacity of the extract to protect all of the cells from UV damage at a lower concentration.

Apple Stem Cell Cream with CBD Oil

Anti-Aging Cream with Apple Stem Cells