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Hemp Geix is the leader in CBD Skin Care products. Along with CBD we also formulate and have CBC, CBG and Terpene Skin Care and Terpene Cosmetic Products.


KeepTahoe OG

Strawberry AK

Grand Daddy Purple

Watermelon OG

Blueberry OG


OG Kush

Grand Daddy Purple

Gorilla Glue

Mango Kush

Sour Diesel

Blue Dream

Skywalker OG

Bubba Kush

Skin Care Terpene release Marc/April 2017

Mary L from Lakeland
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cbd pure isolate
Jordan from Fleetwood
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about 2 hours ago
CBD Pain Cream With 10% Emu Oil
Dominic from Pembroke Pines
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about 3 hours ago
Elijah from Melbourne
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about 3 hours ago
Michael from Butler
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about 7 hours ago
CBD Oil Spray Sleep Support
Jeffrey from Thonotosassa
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about 12 hours ago
Jim from Craig
Total order for 145.98 USD
about 22 hours ago
CBD Pain Cream With 10% Emu Oil
Christine from Tombstone
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about 23 hours ago