The Different Health Benefits of CBD Oil and Pine Pollen

The Different Health Benefits of CBD Oil and Pine Pollen

In the quest for an improved physical condition, health conscious individuals are looking to more natural means of boosting health. From Fenugreek to Thuja Orientalis, there seems no end to the bountiful natural remedies found right out in the wilderness.

This article will compare the difference between the health benefits that can be expected from two all-natural health supplements: CBD Oil and Pine Pollen. It is very important to understand that the effects that have been experienced by many people have been experienced to different degrees.

This is because individual body constitutions cause different reactions. For this reason it is a good idea to seek professional counsel, or at the very least, try out these natural supplements before incorporating them into your diet plan.
Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Medical studies and many consumer reports on CBD oil have illustrated the calming and soothing effects of CBD oil as part of a diet. As a chemical substance CBD is a cannabinoid and as you will read further, this allows it to interface with the body in a very unique way.

There have been some misconceptions, but CBD oil doesn’t contain the THC, that makes marijuana a recreational drug, the benefits of CBD oil can be enjoyed without fear of affecting sensual perception or developing addictions.
Digestive Aid

CBD oil has been used to increase the appetite of those suffering from various illnesses. People recovering from illness struggle with loss of appetite, and yet they must keep their nutrient level high if they hope to recover.

CBD connects with the cannabinoid receptors and can increase the appetite in this way. Scientists have long believed that the cannabinoid receptors of the body play a major role in the way your body regulates its feeding schedule. These can also be activated with CBD oil.

CBD oil has also been found to ease a nauseous stomach caused by strong chemotherapy treatment.

Pain Relief
CB 1 receptors are the cannabinoid receptors that regulate chemicals released to relieve pain. When CBD oil interfaces with these receptors it can work as an anti-inflammatory agent and effective pain killer.

Control the Spread of Cancer

Certain studies by the National Cancer Institute have indicated that CBD oil can have anti-tumor effects. The results are from a study done on lab mice but they suggest that CBD oil can work to prevent certain type of tumors. The reason CBD oil can have this effect are still unknown; many scientists speculate that CBD oil does this by inhibiting the spread of cancer cells.
Health Benefits of Pine Pollen
Pine Pollen is a yellow dust we see coating the ground around pine trees. Up until recently the nutritious density of the fine powder was largely unknown. Pine Pollen is a highly versatile super food. It can be eaten over long periods of time and not inflicting toxins in the body.
Some studies have reported that Pine pollen may possess adaptagenic properties that allow it to address the most pertinent needs of the body.
As a nutritional supplement, pine pollen contains many essential nutrients and phytonutrients that maximize the assimilation of a wide variety of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and more. Pine pollen has been found to contain over twenty amino acids, including the 8 essential amino acids that can usually only be derived from meats.

The large nutritional content of pine pollen can be taken as a regular part of the diet with significant benefits to many of the body’s essential functions. Pine pollen has been found to improve the immune system and assist in the prevention of degenerative diseases.

The Different Health Benefits of CBD Oil and Pine Pollen

Androgen (Androsterone)

Another reason pine pollen has received a lot of attention is because it has also been reported to have androgenic properties. This means that pine pollen has the capacity to help promote the production of testosterone and is actually a source of testosterone. This is a considerably large discovery because there have been few to no natural sources of testosterone.

The way this is accomplished is by increasing the amount of sterols in the blood, sterols are the body’s natural equivalent of steroids. This has the added effect of increasing performance and overall energy and stamina levels, along with the many valuable benefits of having a balanced level of testosterone.

Possible Cancer Preventative
Along with Pine Pollens adaptogenic properties is the capacity to address the prostate. This means it may help to regulate the size of the prostate according to what the conditions call for. If the prostate is enlarged it works to reduce the size and if too small it can also effectively enlarge the prostate. This is made possible by the same natural steroids, or sterols, that help to increase and balance hormonal levels in the body. The same sterols have an active effect on breast or prostate cancer.

Good for All

While testosterone has long been considered the “male” hormone, and men certainly require greater quantity than women do on average, the fact is that both men and women share this hormone and a better balance within the body is conducive to better health for all.

Furthermore a special compound within pine pollen called phenylalanine has very specific benefits for women. Phenylalanine is a L-dopa precursor and can work to release dopamine and positively affect the neurotransmitters of the brain. L-dopa has been studied for its capacity to allow women to reach orgasm. Finally, Pine pollen also contains arginine which has been well known to positively affect fertility in both men and women.