Treating Eczema With CBD Oil

Treating Eczema With CBD Oil

Treating Eczema With CBD Oil

Hemp seed oil is often referred to as an absolutely natural food due to the high concentrations of balanced omega fatty acids. Our bodies require these fatty acids for a variety of functions which includes maintaining nerve and brain functions and building of healthy cells.

About Hemp CBD Oil

Hemp seed oil has been around for many years and has been used by some cultures worldwide. The more common uses for this oil includes cooking oil, lamp oil, bath oil and is even used in the production of paint. The oil that is extracted out of hemp seed is often one of the main ingredients in various face products. A high quality CBD Oil Company will use not just Hemp Seed oil but also CBD Oil from the whole plant, as does Hemp Genix is all of our products.

The oil is a non-greasy substance that is absorbed quickly into the skin. This is the type of oil which is recognized for its rejuvenating, nourishing and moisturizing effects and can protect your skin from the damaging effects of radiation. Hemp seed oil can easily be combined with some cosmetic products and is typically found in soaps, shampoo, and conditioners, massage oils, lip balms and creams.

Hemp Seed Oil Offers The Omega Fatty Acids That The Body Needs

When the seeds of the industrial based hemp plants are pressed, oil is derived which contains high concentrations of nutrition and tiny THC which is the cannabinoid which is responsible for causing a “high” when cannabis is consumed.

Hemp seed oil will not contain these psychoactive properties and is rather full of omega-3 and omega-6 that are the necessary fatty acids that the human body requires. These EFAs (essential fatty acids) contribute to the maintenance of healthy skin as they ensure the cell membranes remain flexible.

These EFAs have also been proven to assist in fighting acne, relieving inflammation and pain, moisturizing the skin and reducing scarring. EFAs are also known for their anti-bacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties that assist in keeping the skin healthy.

Hemp CBD Oil For Treating Eczema

It is not surprising that this oil is also advantageous in association to relieving symptoms associated with Eczema. In the year 2005, a study written by Dr. J. Callaway published in the Journal of Dermatological Treatment in Finland documented treating Eczema with the use of hemp seed oil.

The Dr. found that the symptoms associated with itching and dryness were improved significantly in the patients who suffered from Atopic Dermatitis when they used a hemp seed oil treatment over a period of 20 weeks. Dr. Callaway went on to say that there was a definite decrease in itching, dryness as well overall improvements with the usual symptoms associated with Eczema.

Clinical trials recently have discovered that hemp seed oil is one of the functional food types and studies conducted on feeding hemp seed oil to animals has demonstrated a long standing use as a vital food source.