What You Should Know About Cannabis Terpenes

What You Should Know About Cannabis Terpenes

If you are interested in finding out more information about the Cannabis Terpenes, this article will discuss everything that you need to know. Also, the CBD and THC content of specific strains also play significant roles in regards to the unique effects that are produced by the various types of different cannabis strains.

About Cannabis Terpenes

Cannabis Terpenes
Cannabis Terpenes

A Cannabis Terpenes explained in simple terms is described as pungent oils which you will smell caused by the aroma of a type of marijuana which is said to be soothing for the body and the mind. The aroma of the different marijuana strains are all different and unique and the compounds in these strains are what causes these differences. These compounds are secreted from the very same glands which are responsible for producing THC and CBD.

In regards to the development of cannabis and pungent oils, researchers have discovered that cannabis plants will secrete a compound to either attract pollinators or repel predators. In regards to factors which will have an influence on the compounds developed from a cannabis plant, it will depend on the maturation of the plant, soil types, age, climate, fertilizers used and the weather.

There are various terpene types, and to date, more than 100 have been successfully identified. Each cannabis strain represents a unique composition and type of terpene that is related to its unique flavor as well as aroma. For example, a marijuana strain like cheese will more than likely have a cheesy smell caused by the presence of this unique terpene. While an offspring that has a blueberry strain will more than likely derive a berry smell caused by the presence of this unique terpene.

In fact, this factor is not the sole interesting characteristics associated with these compounds. These compounds also have abilities in interacting with other compounds found in a cannabis plant like the cannabinoids. Over the last few decades, the majority of the cannabis varieties have been developed in such a way that they contain very high levels of THC and have caused lower levels of the compound CBD. It is suggested that the terpenes are what is the deciding factor when it comes to differentiating the different cannabis strains.

As many are aware of, the THC is what offers a “high” in the way of binding to cannabinoid receptors found inside the brain that is what results in psychoactive actions. The receptors are densely concentrated in the brain. It has also been found that cannabis terpenes will also bind to the receptors that have an effect on their chemical outputs. A few terpene types are said to be capable of changing the amounts of THC which will pass through what is known as the blood-brain-barrier.

What You Should Know About Cannabis Terpenes

The effectiveness of the terpenes also has an influence on neurotransmitters that are commonly known as serotonin and dopamine. Certain terpenes will have effects on the rates of production and even destruction of certain neurotransmitters. The availability of the receptors and their movements will also be affected by the compounds.

In regards to effects related to these types of mechanisms are concerned, results will be different from type to type of the terpenes. For example, while a few have been discovered to be effective in the way of relieving stress or anxiety, other types are more active in the way of promoting concentration or focus.

While it may be true that effects that are produced by these terpenes are only subtle, they are still able to add a greater depth when it comes to the art of the cannabis world. Also, some of the compounds offer medical value in regards to assisting with the interaction with the therapeutic cannabinoids.

Today there are various analysis labs for cannabis that can supply information on the content of a terpene that can help consumers in deciding on effects that a particular strain may produce for them. Also, there is an unlimited way in which to combine these terpenes that translate to opening a world of medical benefits in association with cannabis research.

In conclusion, these types of compounds hold benefits as well as been responsible for the slight differences in aroma and flavors from one cannabis strain to the next. The analysis labs dedicated to cannabis are now able to assist consumers in finding out what compounds are present in different strains of cannabis. Cannabis Terpenes Skin Care